10 Secrets To Make It Big From Successful Entrepreneurs

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10 Secrets To Make It Big From Successful Entrepreneurs

Left to Right: Shiloh Jones, Meryem Lallitto, Stephanie Schupp, Megan Hannigan, Shannon Whaley, Emma Garrison, Georgia-Rae Rivers, Melissa Dewgard, Morgan El-Zeinab, Kelly Brito
Left to Right: Shiloh Jones, Meryem Lallitto, Stephanie Schupp, Megan Hannigan, Shannon Whaley, Emma Garrison, Georgia-Rae Rivers, Melissa Dewgard, Morgan El-Zeinab, Kelly Brito
Left to Right: Shiloh Jones, Meryem Lallitto, Stephanie Schupp, Megan Hannigan, Shannon Whaley, Emma Garrison, Georgia-Rae Rivers, Melissa Dewgard, Morgan El-Zeinab, Kelly Brito

LOS ANGELES, March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Success has never come the easy way, however, motivation, persistence and resilience have built some remarkable stories in the history of the business. We all learn from our experiences and get inspired by our idols. Right from modern ideas to their successful executions, our idols and mentors have been playing a prominent role in helping us push our boundaries. Be it a founder of a startup or a thriving entrepreneur of some big giant, their rich experiences are enough to add a refreshing light to lives. While "giving up" is not a pathetic phrase stated by worn spirits, these phases have urged people to dream again and make fresh starts. We would also like to thank Sunshy Digital Media Agency for their research and findings in formulating this article.

Shiloh Jones (@mrshilohjones)

Shiloh Jones has traveled the journey of being homeless to a successful multi-entrepreneur. His corporate portfolio of businesses includes companies that deliver a plethora of human services from mental health, substance abuse, psychiatric and psychotherapy, housing supports, community food pantries, and other educational, behavioral, and therapeutic treatment modalities.

He contributes most of his continual growth and transformation over the years, to his abilities to understand the importance of culture and the psychology of people.

His goal is to, by all means, help create better people, starting with management, to the supportive growth environment he creates for his staff, to ultimately directly affecting how the whole organization cares and nurtures its clients.

He innately believes in creating a better world, and that leadership is a perfect platform to do it! “How we treat each other, and believe in one another, truly makes all the difference! That’s how we change the world and evolve humankind”

For more information visit: www.hypecounselingservices.org

Meryem Lallitto (@mimilallitto)

Meryem Lallitto is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, online business coach, wife and dog mom. She bootstrapped her way to a multi-million dollar empire by the age of 25. She is relentlessly passionate about teaching other online-based female entrepreneurs how to build and scale their own successful careers, as well.

She discovered the power of outsourcing, and recognizes the value of creating a team rather than trying to build an entire empire alone. She’s learned to put emotions aside, and consistently laser-focus on her goals until achievement. She recommends the practice of writing down your strengths, your passions, and creating a strategic plan to conquer and accomplish.

Over the years, she has developed excellent time management skills and took action on every advantageous opportunity. Her unwavering self-confidence and consistency are two essential factors that have allowed her to not only build an empire, but elevate her success every single day.

For more information visit: www.mimilallitto.com

Stephanie Schupp (@theschuppco)

Stephanie created the first polished brand in the liquidation industry. What began as sourcing products for a home renovation, quickly turned into buying truckloads of liquidated items from big-box retailers. She realized that returned products, even in brand new condition, end up in warehouses. This is how The Schupp Collective was born.

Real estate firm CBRE estimates that more than $70 billion worth of online purchases will be returned, a 73% increase from the previous five-year average. The Schupp Collective carefully collects and curates the best quality, on-trend home furnishings and offers them at highly discounted prices.

Stephanie's biggest piece of advice to entrepreneurs is to network. It has been invaluable in establishing her brand. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and ask for what you want. This has allowed Stephanie to build relationships with retailers, secure contracts for inventory and scale the business quickly.

For more information visit: www.theschuppco.com

Megan Hannigan (@meganannehannigan)

Megan Hannigan has always been passionate about makeup. While she has been thriving as a freelance makeup artist, she has successfully gained a reputation for perfecting bridal looks. Megan is a happy mother of 5, wife to a surfer dude and an admirer of bright life. One can find her Instagram profile aesthetically built around vibrant moments, sophisticated pastel hues and glimpses of her favourite makeup looks.

As the CEO of Worthy the label, Megan designs unique lashes with an aim to combine her passion and philanthropy to build something impactful and unique. While she takes pride in sharing her candid stories of motherhood on Instagram and Facebook, she has captivated a substantial number of followers and is still growing. With an aim to bring change in the conventional “beauty standards”, her clients’ looks are inspired by the ideas of enhancing natural beauty rather than merely promoting the idea of creating a “perfect face.”

For more information visit: https://www.worthythelabel.com

Shannon Whaley, PCC (@theshannonwhaley)

Shannon is a Professional Certified Coach, Business and Visibility Coach, Certified Mentor Coach, and former Coach Trainer. She’s a stay-at-home cat mom living out her Eat, Pray, Love dream in Italy while building a 6-figure coaching business that teaches women how to ditch the corporate culture mindset so they can find their flow by putting pleasure and play first.

By working with women who were leaving corporate jobs, Shannon noticed her clients were bringing their toxic productivity habits with them into their new businesses. Pair this with the bro marketing, hustle and grind mentality and you have a recipe for exhaustion and burnout. Shannon recommends scheduling your work around your play (not the other way around) and blocking off time for rest, naps, and self-care throughout the week. Allow yourself proper downtime during your moon cycle because our bodies were never meant to be ‘on’ all of the time.

To learn more about Shannon and her work:

Emma Garrison (@emmamgarrison)

Vision clarity and mindset are your biggest weapons as an entrepreneur. When you know exactly where you’re going, there’s no obstacle that will derail you. However, if you have vision clarity without a strong mindset, it’s a losing game.

Questions to fine tune vision and mindset:

  • How is the world different because the company exists?

  • Where have I prioritized perfection over progress? What has that cost me?

  • Where have I allowed my self-doubt to slow me down? What has that cost me?

  • How will I commit to celebrating wins of all sizes along the way? (there is no “there”)

  • Who can support me when I lose sight of the vision or belief in myself?

Emma Garrison is a double entrepreneur, launching her first business at age 24. She now works with CEOs and leaders around the world focusing on strategic vision clarity and mindset work.

For more information visit: www.emmagarrisoncoaching.com

Georgia-Rae Rivers (@bareofficialuk)

Meet Georgia-Rae Rivers, Founder and CEO of BARE. BARE is the cleanest beauty brand on the market. With only FIVE ingredients in every product, Georgia-Rae is redefining the Skin and Hair Care Industry.

What is her secret to making it big?

"There isn’t one. There is no secret. Success requires hard work, dedication, self-belief, determination and resilience. From someone who is still learning, you have to remind yourself daily why you started your business.
Your ‘why’ is the most powerful driving force. Remember, you are the engineer of your own opportunities, when rejection occurs, you must be willing to get creative and use your initiative.
Like I always say - If the front door is closed, go around the back”.

For more information visit: www.barefortheskin.co.uk

Melissa Dewgard (@BagLadyDewgard)

Melissa is a creative consultant, merchandise designer, military spouse, mother of 2 and CEO of My Melanin Fits LLC. Melissa helps black e-commerce biz owners get to the bag by flipping their creative visions into profitable, high-ticket offerings and custom goods that advance the culture and skyrocket their average order value.

My advice would be to use your community, don’t view them as just competition. Someone can provide the same products as you and still be able to teach you different methods or share suppliers that could help lower your costs or cut down on production time. We all can learn a lesson or two from leaning on our community. Don’t be afraid to ask, and don’t feel as if you can’t share freely. You never know what blessing you’re manifesting for yourself by helping someone else come up.

For more information visit: http://www.mymelaninfits.com/

Morgan El-Zeinab (@iammorganelzeinab)

Morgan El-Zeinab, Systems Strategist and Virtual COO. After 15 years in corporate operations and an inherent passion for continuous improvement, helping entrepreneurs streamline their business was the next obvious choice.

Whether done in-house or outsourced, systems will make or break an entrepreneur. Understanding systems and the value they provide a small business is crucial to success. While flexibility and being a one-person show is necessary in the beginning, knowing when to implement systems is the first step to see growth through to the end. If business were a body with passion being the heart and brain as strategy, systems would be the nervous system. Systems enable communication, action, and control between various areas of operations, such as client onboarding, marketing, and service delivery. In other words, a business built on poorly built systems will never be able to see its full potential. The more efficient the systems, the more successful the entrepreneur.

For more information visit: https://morganelzeinab.kartra.com/page/BreakthroughSession

Kelly Brito (@heykellybrito)

Kelly Brito is a branding expert, mentoring seasoned entrepreneurs on how to master their brand strategy, refine their offer, and create a brand identity that connects with their ideal audience. She created the Branding With Purpose program, which includes coaching services, courses, and more!

With over 15 years of experience in the branding industry, Kelly has successfully collaborated with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide. Today she is recognized as a respectable coach and expert in her community, often being referred to as "branding queen" and other fun titles.

Her most valuable advice and secret for any entrepreneur ready to build a successful business and grow a community of raving fans is: You can position yourself as an expert and build a successful business, if you have a solid brand strategy in place -this includes planned content, using storytelling strategy, a brand identity, and so on.

For more information visit: https://heykelly.coach/branding-with-purpose/

Although it's a personal choice to choose optimism for breaking the conventional boundaries to success, these entrepreneurial secrets can edify the journeys while inspiring people that "nothing is impossible." So, whenever you have been feeling a little worn out or demotivated, these secrets to success by thriving entrepreneurs can help one rekindle hopes and a new attitude in their journey.

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