10 Gifts Libras Will Love, According to an Astrologer

Mackenzie Dunn
·3 mins read

Libras are the kind of loyal, ride-or-die friends we all need more of in our circles. They’re excellent listeners, peacekeepers, and romantics at heart. Libras are also known to be extremely relationship-oriented, meaning they value their friends and family above all else. Our Libra friends make being fair and kind to everyone look easy, and just as the Libra lady is devoted to helping others, we too should be devoted to helping her have the best birthday possible.

According to our resident astrologer, Lisa Stardust, people with birthdays that fall within this seventh sign of the zodiac are loving, balanced, and artistic, and they are known to enjoy the finer things in life when it comes to gifts. “They don’t skimp on luxury brands when it comes to the essentials for themselves,” she says. “They also love stylish gifts to add to their collection.” So if you’re looking for the perfect gift to show your Libra friend just how much you care, we rounded up a few ideas worthy of these likable social butterflies.

Luxury skin care

As Stardust mentioned, Libras love to indulge in a little luxury. Because of this, she explains that your Libra friend will appreciate skincare items, "because they will boost their glow and vitality." Try this trendy hydrating spray from Glossier. It soothes stressed skin with aloe and rosewater and has a lightly floral scent that Libras will appreciate.