10 best oven gloves that take the heat out of the kitchen

Joanne Gould
·7 min read
We were looking to include a variety of designs, as well as considering the importance of durability, heat resistance and comfort.  (The Independent/iStock)
We were looking to include a variety of designs, as well as considering the importance of durability, heat resistance and comfort. (The Independent/iStock)

Buying oven gloves throws up a myriad of questions: should you go for silicone or cotton? One mitt or two? Is it best to splash out on a quality pair, or would you rather have a few gloves on rotation?

And with styles ranging from traditional countryside prints to stylish monochrome or cute and quirky designs, it can be hard to pick a pair.

Thankfully we’ve done our research and tested all manner of styles, materials and sizes to compile a shortlist of the best oven gloves for you to get your mitts on.

We were looking to include a variety of designs – from classic to contemporary – as well as considering the importance of durability, heat resistance and comfort.

Here’s what we’ve cooked up…

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Pro Cook double oven glove

These are really thick and softly padded oven gloves from the professional cookware specialists. Available in a number of serviceable, muted colour palettes, we like the dark grey herringbone option which is 100 per cent cotton and looks modern yet stylish. The gloves are nicely padded from end to end for extra protection and the pockets are quite deep (our wrist was covered past the watch area) so offered handy guarding against wrist burns too – so often a problem when juggling hot dishes and oven shelves. Pro Cook’s single mitts are also nice for those who prefer individual gloves and reach slightly higher up the arm again. This is a good value, high quality item that would look great in any kitchen.

Buy now £9.00, Pro Cook

Tom Kerridge Cookware 100 per cent cotton double oven glove

These oven gloves are very smart and you can feel the quality of the high-performance cotton: they are made from a heavier twill than most kitchen textiles. Coming in a timeless navy and ivory stripe design, these will be at home in many kitchens, just as they are in Tom Kerridge’s Michelin starred Buckinghamshire pub, the Hand and Flowers. Designed to ensure they meet professional standards for protection and durability, they are really comfortable and fitted with a steam and grease barrier, which slows down heat conduction if they get wet during use. We particularly liked the extra grip of the looped cotton threading on the underside of the gloves and within the pockets, which allowed safe handling of heavy pots whatever size your hands are.

Buy now £22.00, Halls International

Napoleon genuine leather BBQ gloves

Big grill fans should consider investing in something heavy duty to handle the heat of the kitchen – whether that’s inside or out – and these reinforced grey cowhide gloves are certainly up to it. A super strong yet comfortable pair of separate leather mitts, these offer heat protection up to 232C allowing you to handle red hot barbecue grill equipment and oven baked dishes alike. These gloves have individual fingers for improved dexterity, and a nice soft lining. There’s a loop on each mitt for hanging. We found these to be best for men or those larger of hand.

Buy now £29.99, Napoleon

Grill Power double oven glove

These oven gloves are fun and quirky. Cheerful bright turquoise, fuchsia and sky blue feature on these colourful cotton mitts with a fun tattoo design. Cook up a storm along with “Diana rosti”, “Madonna kebab” and “Aretha frankfurters” illustrated in tattoo form on these roomy, comfortable and lightweight gloves. Heat protection is good despite the relative thinness of the padding, and they wash well while really brightening up the kitchen with a dose of girl power. Check out the brand’s other cool, original designs too.

Buy now £23.50, Red Candy

George Home giraffe oven gloves

Animal – or animal print – lovers will appreciate these gloves. Bedecked with a repeating giraffe and palm tree design on complementary rose pink and sage green, these sweet oven mitts will add a touch of character and colour to a kitchen. Made from hard wearing cotton with quilting for extra interest and grip, these are comfortable and easily do the job, plus there’s a hanging loop for convenient storage. The price will put a smile on your face even if the giraffe illustrations don’t.

Buy now £4.00, Asda

Hidden London Down Street oven gloves

Complement your trendy subway tiled kitchen with this pair of oven gloves from the London Transport Museum featuring London Underground’s famed tile patterns. These cream and maroon Down Street gloves celebrate the distinguishing tile pattern used at the now closed station where Winston Churchill took refuge during World War Two and will look very jazzy in a vintage or contemporary kitchen. A good quality, functional pair that is especially good for smaller hands. Check out the other designs featuring different patterns from disused stations and secret sites across town.

Buy now £18.00, London Transport Museum

The Stripes Company pink striped double oven mitts squash Stripes

Can’t get enough of stripes? Head to this brand’s site for all the fabric homeware you could ever need in more stripe permutations than you could ever dream of. We selected the “squash” colourway which has soft pretty stripes of baby pink, taupe and light blue with thinner mushroom, white, lime green and magenta stripes which give a much-needed splash of colour to any plain kitchen. The hand pockets are deeper than most, for good wrist protection, plus they have helpful grippy cotton loops on the underside and inside the pockets, which really make a difference when juggling a roast dinner.

Buy now £15.00, The Stripes Company

Coolskin oven gloves

We’ll start by saying that these are not the most aesthetically pleasing oven gloves in our roundup. However, they do offer something a bit different. Firstly, they have individual fingers and are a pair of single mitts, so you can use them as you wish. Next, they are really flexible: it’s just just like wearing a normal (larger) glove, with a really comfy cotton inner layer and are brilliant for when you’re cooking in a hurry or handling fiddly dishes like hot ramekins or getting small bowls out of the microwave. They are also super protective and can resist heat of up to 250C. One reviewer also pointed out they are really useful in preventing cold hands when rummaging in the freezer which is frankly genius. They are also machine washable with a longer, higher armed version available for cooks who find they burn their forearms a lot (that’s us).

Buy now £24.95, Amazon

Lakeland silicone double oven glove

With double mitts that are made of incredibly flexible silicone and a cotton pad joining the hand pockets together, these gloves are the best of both worlds. The silicone means the gloves are heat resistant up to 250C, there’s a patterned grip exterior and an opposable thumb within the pocket which reached just to the wrist on most of our testers, while the cotton lining gives comfort. The best thing about these gloves is that they are wipe clean – no need for constant washing after a messy lasagne dish. They’re not the most attractive of all the gloves, but they’re one of the most functionally sound we tried.

Buy now £21.99, Lakeland

Wilko black and white fusion double oven glove

A cheap and cheery number from Wilko with these fashionably monochrome double oven gloves. Despite the impressively low price, these are still cotton, well-made and will look stylish in a variety of classic or contemporary black, white or wooden kitchens. They’ve been tested to withstand 250C for 15 seconds, are machine washable for up to 25 washes and there are plenty of matching items in Wilko’s kitchen range; you can’t really go wrong.

Buy now £5.00, Wilko

The verdict: Oven gloves

We discovered that choosing an oven glove is quite a subjective purchase, but ProCook’s offering is sure to please most people. The low price combined with high quality product that manages to look cool and classic at the same time makes this our all-round winner. We also really loved the Grill Power gloves for looks alone, while the CoolSkin mitts have changed our lives when it comes to clearing out the freezer in a surprise turn of events.