The 10 Best Home Decor Subscription Boxes To Get You in the Holiday Spirit

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If you're anything like me, you derive an unreasonable amount of joy from decorating your home. There's just something special about curating your space to reflect your singular style and signal the upcoming season. When a holiday home decor subscription box comes in the mail, it feels like Christmas morning, no matter the time of year.

Home decor subscriptions are a great way to expand your rotation of festive furnishings while also introducing you to products that wouldn't otherwise jump out to you on store shelves. That's not to say they won't suit your style though; many decorator boxes strive to curate a rotating lineup that can complement any home. We're talking neutral tones, on-trend accents, and classic holiday decor that's bound to blend with your existing collection. Habitation Box, for example, is a subscription service that ships high-quality, eco-friendly decor year-round, meaning you're never left without beautiful new furnishings. Then there's Abode Box, a decor service that simplifies decorating down to a few accent pieces that you can easily swap out each season for a new festive flair.

And while many of this list's services cater to your home all year long, there are also special holiday bundles to help you get into the season's spirit. Home Made Luxe delivers seasonal crafts to your front door that double as decor, while HolidaysGiving sends a fresh set of kitchen linens that align with calendar holidays.

You can get 20% off your first shipment of any one of these home decor subscriptions with code BHG20. No matter the season or which holidays you celebrate, there's a home decorator box in this list for you.

The 10 Best Holiday Decorator Boxes

Best Overall: Habitation Box

Decorating isn't only for the holidays. Just ask Habitation Box, the monthly home decor subscription box that ships quality furnishings all year long. You can opt for either the Habitation I box with four to six items or the Habitation II box with seven to nine items, including lanterns, candles, and more decorations. Plus, everything in your monthly box is handmade or sourced from small businesses, along with featured pieces made of reusable materials. That means your decor is both socially and environmentally conscious (not to mention adorable). But don't just take our word for it. One verified purchaser said, "Everything that I received in this box is beautiful and really high quality. This was my first month, and I am so excited to see what the following months bring." Another reviewer wrote, "This is seriously the best box on Cratejoy! The owner, Kelly, is so kind, efficient, and professional. Not to mention, incredibly talented in interior design."

Most months, Habitation Box will ship you home decor that you can use no matter the season. We're talking decorative frames, trays, vases, baskets, and towels—basically, the works. That said, the decorator box service still throws in plenty of goodies for holidays, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Just make sure you order your box before the end of the month to receive it on time the following month.

Best for Kids: We Craft Box

Many families make holiday decorating a cherished tradition. If you want to really engage your little ones with a decorator box this holiday season, We Craft Box has plenty of festive crafts and goodies that'll make them feel like it's Christmas morning. The subscription box is designed to curate long-lasting memories through activities you can do as a family that then double as DIY decor when complete. And the reviews are in: Kids think it's pretty great, "My 9-year-old granddaughter LOVED her first box," said one reviewer. "As soon as she finished it, she video chatted me to show me what she had made."

Each We Craft Box comes with a themed story, supplies for up to two children to complete at least four crafts each, and links to online video tutorials for easy instructions. December's theme is A Beary Merry Christmas, and the box comes with projects to make two stockings, ornaments, greeting cards, and reindeer figurines. Just make sure you order by December 13 to spread the holiday cheer with your little ones.

Best Accent Decor: Abode Box

The true heart of home decor is in accent pieces, especially once the winter months usher in holiday decorating. You can add some festive flair with just a few additional items, such as throw pillows and mantel pieces, to create a seasonal look with minimal effort. Home decor subscription boxes make that transformation even easier, and when it comes to accent pieces, Abode Box gets it right every time. Every three months, the company sends subscribers new seasonal decor to reflect the upcoming holidays. The latest shipment helps you celebrate Christmas with a throw pillow cover, yarn Christmas tree, gold candle holder, mini ceramic trees, and a candy cane-colored table runner. And based on the glowing reviews of the last box, the newest edition is sure to please: "My experience with this company and the products has been fabulous. Extremely affordable—especially for the quality and convenience. Every piece that shipped I was able to find a spot for in my home, and I can't wait until the next shipment!"

Abode Box has been shipping out its winter box since November 1, but don't fret. You still have until December 30 to order your holiday decor bundle. After that, you'll be left in anticipation for what the spring box has in store.

Best Seasonal Candles Decorator Box: Wickbox

If you're looking for decor that gets your senses in the holiday spirit, look no further than the seasonal candles from Wickbox. The candle subscription service ships a new scent to your door monthly, often with seasonal themes. Each package includes a medium-sized candle, with a burn time from 30-60 hours, to fill your home with cheer and comfort. Past boxes have featured fragrances like Roman Lavender, Magnolia Currant, and more. Better yet, the wax containers' sleek designs and cozy colors make them easy on the eyes, complementing any space with ease.

It can be tough to please everyone, especially when it comes to fragrance. That's why Wickbox asks for your scent preferences upon subscribing. "I'm pretty picky about subscription boxes—especially ones that contain scents," one reviewer explained. "Every product I've received from Wickbox has been quality, aesthetically pleasing, totally my favorite scents."

Best DIY Decorator Box: Home Made Luxe

There's nothing quite like a personal touch, especially one by you. Home Made Luxe lets you take home decor into your own hands by shipping step-by-step DIY projects to your front door every month. Inspired by Pinterest and complete with video instructions, each project comes together easily and is customizable. Subscribers have nailed darling string art of home states, turned metallic wire into sunny mirrors, and much more. These may sound intricate, but the reviews say otherwise, such as this buyer who wrote, "They were so easy to do because of the step-by-step instructions. I'd recommend this box to anyone interested in crafts." This could be the perfect recurring gift for the crafty person in your life and is even more fun when done with a friend.

Each box comes with supplies for one main craft, a small bonus craft, and project instructions. Home Made Luxe ships on the first Saturday of every month, so make sure you order by the first of the month to receive your box.

Best for All Year: The DecorBox

You don't have to wait for the holiday season to deck your halls. Home decorating is a joy to behold no matter the time of year, though it can get a bit pricey. That's where The DecorBox comes in. The monthly home decor subscription service curates three to five new accent pieces every month that are cheaper than Target prices but just as adorable. That means you can keep your home stocked with seasonal goodies all year round, without breaking the bank on impulse purchases. And subscribers are loving the surprises, with one writing, "This box is quality stuff. I feel like sending myself a present every now and again, and this will be the one I choose."

That said, there will still be seasonal offerings for upcoming holidays, such as pastels and bunnies for Easter as well as pumpkins and earth tones for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Best Centerpiece Decor Decorator Box: Tiered Tray Decor Box

If we had to pick a crown jewel of home decorating, we'd have to settle on the classic tiered tray centerpiece. This versatile focal point can be used all year without becoming a bore, and the secret is swapping out its contents. Dressing up yours is now easier than ever with the monthly Tiered Tray Decor Box. Each month brings you five to eight decorative pieces to arrange any way you please, including holiday furnishings for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond. And based on the overall positive reviews, this box is doing it's job just fine, with one subscriber insisting, "This has made decorating the tray in my kitchen so much easier and has made the tray look so much happier."

December's box features a "joy to the world" sign, mini ice skates, a mini lantern, a top hat wreath pick, Christmas tree beads, snowflakes, and more. No matter how you style these trinkets, your finished tiered tray will be a classy complement to any kitchen island, dining room table, or even the bathroom counter.

Best Seasonal Decorator Box: Seasonal

The name says it all. Seasonal is the best home decor subscription box that's, well, seasonal. No matter the time of year, it keeps coziness at the forefront of its design mantra. Each quarter's box comes with a rotating lineup of artisan and vintage textiles, mantel decor, trinkets, and more to help you gear up for the next season. Many of the subscription boxes on this list do quarterly holiday shipments, but we love that most of Seasonal's featured items take on neutral tones, meaning they can blend in year round with just about any home and will stay in style for years to come. Still, the service slips in subtle nods toward upcoming holidays, such as decorative pillows with embroidered pumpkins, pine tree mantel decor, and retro-esque prints of Mr. Clause himself. One buyer loved that the items work for seasons and holidays alike, writing, "[I] loved everything about my winter crate! It was so well chosen for both winter and Christmas. I can't wait to get my next box in the spring!"

No matter the season, you'll feel cozy as can be snuggled up under your newest throw blanket or sipping cocoa out of a quaint Christmas mug.

Best Antique Decorator Box: Eleonore Vintage

Vintage items have an inherent charm to them, adding touches of timelessness to even modern homes. Eleonore Vintage takes the thrifting experience and translates it into a decorator box subscription with monthly bundles of vintage home decor. Each shipment contains two to five pieces bought from antique stores all around the country, such as hand-painted dishware, quirky knickknacks, and more. Your box also comes with a detailed, handwritten note guiding you through the little treasures. It's a personal touch to the already intimate nature of vintage goods, paying homage to all the homes and hands that have previously handled them. And the buyers appreciate the sentiment, with one five-star review saying, "You can tell that Nicole puts thought into what to send to you."

While not all boxes have a seasonal twist, the December box will exclusively feature holiday-themed vintage items that you can display around your home or pass along as unique gifts. And no two boxes are the same since all the contents are secondhand, making for a totally unique home decor subscription experience.

Best Kitchen Linens Decorator Box: HolidaysGiving

Decorating doesn't always have to be swapping out decor by the dozens each season. Sometimes it can be as easy as a rotating array of festive linens. HolidaysGiving's Kitchen Towel Subscription simplifies holiday decor with its monthly shipment of two kitchen towels that align with an upcoming holiday or season, such as simple leaf and pumpkin designs leading up to October, shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day, and so on. And the selection has charmed buyers thus far, with one satisfied customer saying, "This is definitely one of my favorite subscription boxes. Can't wait to see what December's towel set looks like."

Beyond the kitchen linens, you'll also receive a surprise gift to use in the kitchen as well. Past gifts have included heart-shaped baking molds in February and oven mitts with a stars-and-stripes pattern for July. It's a practical way to welcome each coming holiday, whether the towels are a finishing touch to your already-decked-out home or a subtle way to celebrate each month.

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