The 10 Ad Experts to Watch in 2021

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The 10 Ad Experts to Watch
The 10 Ad Experts to Watch
The 10 Ad Experts to Watch

New York, New York, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “Turning your ads off to save money is like turning your watch off to save time” - Henry Ford. Advertising is arguably the most important part of scaling a business, as it is a key driving force to gain awareness and drive traffic to your products and services. For rookie’s like most of us, we simply don’t know where to start when it comes to advertising - it can be complex, overwhelming, and even frightening at times. According to Boost Media Agency, outsourcing your ads to an expert is the key to maximising the results you get out of your advertising. Each with their own unique strategies and approach to their craft, here we present the 10 ad experts to watch in 2021.

Patrick Wind – @patrickwind_’s Patrick Wind is breaking the mould in the online training space. Through the company, Patrick has provided online training, tools and support to thousands of entrepreneurs and brands, helping them to grow their businesses through using advanced Facebook and Instagram ads. Patrick has developed his strategies through years of trial and error, often learning the hard way that performance marketing requires much more than just bringing lots of traffic to your website. After witnessing the failure of his 3 eCommerce stores, Patrick learnt that what was required is having the right retargeting funnel, implementing proven methods for attracting new audiences, as well as using compelling ad design and copywriting. Using this realisation Patrick was able to turn 3 million euros into 10.4 million euro of online sales for over 120 brands. His 'Full-Funnel Strategy' is implemented by global brands such as ASICS, BIODERMA or ENGEL & VÖLKERS. AdsAccelerator sets itself apart by also offering trainings and online courses in several languages ​​to make the advanced knowledge of Digital Marketing more accessible across the globe. “The vision here is to make marketing knowledge, strategies and tools accessible to the small entrepreneur that normally only large multinational companies can access,” Patrick says. “We do it through online courses and coaching programs including weekly group mentoring sessions, physical workshops in Barcelona or via Zoom, and also through our support groups on WhatsApp and Facebook,” he states.

David Schloss (@davidmschloss)

Beginning his entrepreneurial journey in marketing in 2007 from his college apartment, David Schloss has since helped hundreds of businesses improve their website traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue using social advertising. He is the founder of Convert ROI, a highly successful digital advertising agency focusing exclusively on Facebook and Instagram ads platforms.

Convert ROI enables businesses to succeed by taking complicated social ad plans and seamlessly turning them into easy-to-follow revenue producing campaigns. David currently manages close to $3 mil per month in paid advertising, but even helps some clients grow their brand and profiles with as little as $1 per day.

His expertise is behind the psychology of running high yielding Facebook Advertising Campaigns, whether that is through his fully managed private client work, consulting, intensive training events or keynote speaking.

As a Preferred Agency Partner with Facebook, Convert ROI also aim to create internal networks for their clients to work together, structuring affiliate and partner opportunities with their products and services. Taking great care with every client to walk through financials in order to establish proper KPIs and goals, David and his team go the extra mile to ensure they deliver incredible results, time after time.

June Aye (@juneaye)

Having built her first PC computer at age 7 and working at Apple as a ‘Genius’ for 4 years, June Aye has a unique technical approach to ad campaigns. Over the past 5 years, June has worked at large global known agencies as McCann and also emerging funded start-ups across London, Sydney and Austin. Combining her knowledge and respect for social media, she strategically focuses on the absolute end goal - planning multichannel campaigns with a focus on conversions.

June aims to empower businesses to optimize presence to help further conversions. She’s managed up to $1million budgets in ad campaigns across Google PPC, Social, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Programmatic. She enjoys the challenge of smaller ad budgets - working with less and generating the maximum ROI. In one single campaign strategy she has generated over £100,000 in under three weeks.

June believes that many businesses have access to ads but are afraid to spend, as they are uncertain of the results or if they can convert properly. She aims to educate people the power of ads through @presenceoptimization, and offers exclusive 1:1 and group coaching, and also an online course. With a bigger picture approach and being process and analytically driven, June bridges the gap between creative and ad campaigns to work effortlessly and deliver incredible results, time and time again.

Tara Zirker (@tarazirker)

Tara Zirker is an advertising expert and founder of Successful Ads Club, where she has taught thousands of business owners to rapidly scale their revenue through the power of Facebook ads.

Successful Ads Club is a high-touch support platform where business owners receive step-by-step training to master their own lead generation. The expertise Tara shares through SAC is built on her years owning a successful ad agency, which manages $5 million per year in ad spend. They generate millions of dollars in revenue for industry-leading clients including New York Times-bestselling authors, 8-figure business owners, and social influencers.

Tara is passionate about demystifying Facebook ads for entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, sceptical, or just plain over it. Her mentorship makes Facebook ads both accessible and powerful—her students routinely report successes like reducing cost per lead from $25 to $5 in just days.

At any given moment, Tara and her team are teaching around 600 business owners on how to start their own Facebook and Instagram ads, and more importantly, get better ROI out of their ad spend. They often say Tara is not only the best Facebook ads teacher they’ve had, but their favorite business mentor ever.

Jaymie Tarshis (@theadexpert)

A highly sought-after marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and speaker, Jaymie Tarshis is passionate about helping impact-driven entrepreneurs market and grow their business through the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads. Jaymie has managed over one million dollars in Facebook ad spend since 2014, with her campaigns filling up webinars, launching books onto Amazon’s best-sellers list and generating a whopping 100,000 leads across a range of industries.

Jaymie’s work has earned her multiple speaking events at online summits and podcasts, including top-rated Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas. Jaymie loves to share her knowledge with inspired individuals who are ready to make more of an impact in the world.

Jaymie is well versed in the world of advertising, and is not limited to just those with a big budget. “While most ad strategists require larger ad budgets from their clients, I’ve been able to work with budgets as low as a few hundred dollars and still get my clients significant results” Jaymie explains. Aptly named by her instagram handle ‘@theadexpert’, Jaymie is certainly an ad expert that you need to keep an eye on in 2021.

Hilario Huizar (@themarketingchief)

Hilario Huizar is a 24-year-old advertising expert who currently runs a marketing agency. He has vast experience with e-commerce, lead generation, messenger bots, and more. He has helped scale multiple businesses by using paid ads on multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. He also provides consultations to business owners on the importance of branding and why this needs to be a priority.

After taking his first marketing job 4 years ago, Hilario decided to take his skills to the next level. He has built his own personal brand which is The Marketing Chief. Focusing on quality over quantity, he always tends to the clients’ needs and builds strong personal relationships with them. He strongly believes that it is important to align himself with his clients’ vision so that they can trust him to get the job done. His way of empathizing and connecting with people on a personal level is something that sets him apart from the rest.

Through his agency, Hilario works mostly with service-based businesses that are looking for lead generation. For his personal brand, his mission is to help up-and-coming agency owners or freelancers who want to learn more about the marketing industry.

Bridgette Hannigan (@bridgettehannigan)

Bridgette Hannigan began her journey with Facebook Ads four years ago, leaving her 6-figure income to start her own business. Like most others it was initially challenging, but she managed to successfully grow it by harnessing the power of Facebook Ads. After realizing the benefit that it brought her business, she wanted to do the same for others. Now, she’s been sought after by those who’d heard and seen her expertise, and since then she’s been successful in helping business owners fill their sales pipeline.

As an entrepreneur herself, Bridgette understands the struggle of not having time to take courses, but wanting to reap the benefits of running ads. Through her Done-In-A-Day Ads service, busy entrepreneurs will be able to start running ads immediately. Bridgette and her team set up everything for their clients - creating a strategy tailored for their business, high-converting graphics and video ads, and writing compelling copy. They also handle all the technical stuff needed to set up their business for a well-executed Ad campaign, that all her clients need to do is hit the publish button.

Bridgette is a versatile entrepreneur when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, aside from running several businesses under her name, she also hosts live webinars for free to give back to the community. Her dedication to keeping herself up-to-date with the latest trends and helping people thrive have been paramount in her success. So if you’re looking for an expert to level up your Ad game and skyrocket your sales funnels, look no further!

Anna Sinclair (@digitalaje)

Quitting her corporate career as a Chartered Accountant in 2012, Anna Sinclair made the decision to pursue her passion and work on something creative and exciting; starting her own business. After 7 years of running her successful eCommerce business, Anna launched her second business, Digital Aje, to help other eCommerce brands grow exponentially using Facebook advertising and strategic email marketing.

“Being a 50:50 left/right brain person, I absolutely love numbers, but I also equally love beautiful design. I believe this perfect mix of data and creativity is where the magic happens,” Anna explains. Now her priority is helping busy eCommerce owners make money on autopilot so they have more time to focus on their creativity.
Anna has been booked to capacity for the whole of 2020 and was also featured on Canva’s 'Designed By You' IGTV series. Her clients resonate with the fact that she owned her own eCommerce business for 7 years - she knows all the ins and outs that a lot of beginner store owners miss.
Having developed her own unique strategies for successful Facebook advertising and email marketing, Anna’s client results speak for themselves – helping one of her clients reach their first 7-figure year with an 11x ROAS, and another client catapult into the market with over $220,000 revenue from Facebook ads in their first year in business.
If you’re looking for someone to go above and beyond to help you succeed with your ads and email marketing using Klaviyo, look no further than Anna Sinclair from Digital Aje.

Sheryl Jefferson – @thatltmlady1

Sheryl Jefferson is a renowned Facebook and Instagram ads strategist. She is the founder and director of her own Facebook ad agency, Light Tree Lead Gen, and has worked with multiple 7-9 figure brands on their ad strategy and funnel building. She also works with smaller businesses looking to amplify and scale their marketing using Facebook ads. In 2020, she's handled over £5m in client ad spend.
“The point of difference with my service is that I always point my clients toward their overall business goals and profit, so every strategy implemented is intentionally designed to generate a return,” Sheryl says. “I don’t just teach ads, I’m deep in the trenches running ads every single day keeping on top of Facebook’s constantly changing platform,” she states.

Sheryl is also one of the few badged Facebook ad consultants in the world. Often extended speaking invites for live events across the globe, Sheryl also participates in online summits to share her wealth of knowledge and expertise. Sheryl is recognized as being one of the few super specialists in her field, and often works closely on projects regarding advanced pixel strategies and development. Her agency holding Facebook Partnership status, Sheryl has worked and consulted with some of the world’s biggest brands including; Cath Kidson, Harry’s, eBay, Zazzle, Psychologies Magazine, Made.Com, Jigsaw UK and Australia, Facebook, BMW and Ohmme.

Amy Wyhoon (@sugarpopsocial)

Amy Wyhoon is the founder of Sugarpop Social, a boutique advertising service, focused on helping small businesses stand out on Facebook and Instagram. Her years of experience working as a social media content manager inspired her to further develop her marketing skills. Always wanting the best for her clients, Amy is now able to help more people stand out and turn their followers into loyal customers through Facebook Advertising.

At Sugarpop Social, Amy takes a “jump in the deep end” approach to the maze that can be Facebook Advertising. She leverages both organic social media growth and paid ads to increase conversion rates for her clients campaigns. In a market saturated with people trying to make a quick buck, Sugarpop Social stands out by taking time to research and set solid foundations that get course creators and service based businesses real results.

With generosity as a core value, Amy is known for her willingness to share knowledge without reserve. She’s been featured incommunities small and large as a group expert, breaking down marketing and ads jargon into easy-to-understand language even beginners can easily understand and implement.

When she’s not creating killer Facebook ads and popping Instagram strategies for her clients, you’ll find Amy binging the latest Netflix show, sipping quality wines, or enjoying delicious food at a good café to share with her family and friends on Instagram (@inbetweendesserts).

Make sure to follow each of these amazing ad experts, as they continue to thrive and help their clients scale to new heights. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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