10 to 12 Baby Lounge Helps New Moms That Feel Isolated During COVID-19

Tools Offer Help For Important Mother-Baby Bonding Period

BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2021 / According to Pediatric Research, the official publication of The American Pediatric Society, while women are already at risk of perinatal depression and anxiety, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in their psychological distress levels. This leads to concern that stress can affect the vulnerable mother-infant bonding and relationship building that occurs after birth.

Amanda Shi-Werts, the founder of 10 to 12 Baby Lounge, says, "I'm worried. Depression and anxiety affect one in seven women during the perinatal period. If we can take better care of babies and mommies during the "Fourth Trimester," we have a much better chance to lower that depression rate. Now COVID-19 has created an additional challenge, and the sense of isolation is even more pronounced for new moms."

At 10 to 12 Baby Lounge Shi-Werts has tools to help new moms recreate the Fourth Trimester being in the womb sensation for their newborns. Shi-Werts says, "sustainable soft fabric baby blankets and clothes keep babies content and will give new moms an opportunity to bond."

Shi-Werts personal journey into motherhood prompted her to add other tools to promote the special mother-baby attachment necessary for a baby's well-being and healthy progression. She says, "in 2012, I had twins. I was pumping every 3 hours day and night. My twins wouldn't sleep. One night I was crying from exhaustion, and I turned on some lullaby music and started to tell a story about Liam the Lion, who was searching for oatmeal cookies. We all fell asleep. The next day I woke up and realized I was on to something that would put my twins to sleep in five minutes."

In 2021, 10 to 12 Baby Lounge added Liam the Lion and several other audible lullabies and character toys to their product line to encourage mother-baby bonding and help new moms put their babies to sleep. Shi-Werts says, "audible stories intensify the mother and baby bond through storytelling and comfort. Hundreds of moms have already downloaded the stories this October. Character toys help moms and babies to connect and form that unbreakable bond."

According to The National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI), infancy is a crucial time for brain development. It is vital that babies and their parents are supported during this time to promote attachment. Without a good initial bond, children are less likely to grow up to become happy, independent, and resilient adults.

"These tools help moms to prepare and engage in joyful routines that protect moms and babies against the adverse effects of stress during the pandemic. I want 10 to 12 Baby Lounge to bring a smile to moms' faces as they remember the uniqueness of that unbreakable bond these products and stories created between moms and their babies."


10 to12 Baby Lounge is a high-end babywear company and community specializing in cashmere and organic superior quality products designed for the conscious mother who wants her child to feel nurtured, adored, and connected. Amanda Shi-Werts received her degree in Entrepreneur Management from Royal Roads University, Canada, and studied Multimedia Design at Vancouver Film School. In 2018, she launched 10 to 12 Baby Lounge, which has been featured in Forbes, WWD, LA Times, and Who What Wear. For more information, visit 10 to 12 Baby Lounge on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. For additional information, visit https://www.10to12babylounge.com.

Amanda Shi-Werts

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