1, 3, as many as they want? How many pieces of candy Minnesotans give out on Halloween

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Data: Axios survey; Chart: Kavya Beheraj/Axios

Shopping for Halloween candy this weekend? Stock up or risk being judged as a stingy ghoul by your neighbors.

Driving the news: Nearly half of the 400-plus readers who responded to our Halloween survey give out three or more pieces of candy to each trick-or-treater who arrives at their door.

  • That includes 9% who say they give kids as many fun-size treats as they want!

  • 43% of you, meanwhile, stick with two per kid. And just over 8% said each visitor gets just one.

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The big picture: All those treats add up. Americans are expected to spend more than $10 billion on the holiday this year, with the average consumer shelling out $102 on candy, costumes, decorations and more, Axios' Jennifer A. Kingson writes.

  • One national survey suggests one in 10 shoppers will spend $100 on candy alone.

Zoom in: Some of you generous souls go beyond mini Snickers and Reese's cups. Four of you give out full-size bars.

  • "Kids react as if we gave out trips to Disneyland!" one of you wrote.

Another reader switched to giving crisp $1 bills rolled up with an orange ribbon.

  • "The kids loved getting it and when I was done, I had leftover money instead of candy. It appeared to be super popular!"

And to the reader who suggested giving out carrots instead of candy... Well, we're glad we don't live on your block!

Our takes: Nick gives one piece to toddlers, two pieces to 3-5 year olds and three pieces for kids over 5.

  • Torey doesn't have a rule yet — she's still getting over the fact that someone took the entire bucket she left out last year.

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