Zodiac meme Instagram will align the stars to make you feel seen

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The stars have aligned in perfect harmony... to call us all out.  

Hundreds of millennial and Gen Z astrology pros have created dedicated meme accounts to help us use our moon, sun, and rising signs to figure out just what the heck is going on in our lives. Brutally honest accounts like @astromemequeen, @jakesastrology, and @astrowonders give us their hilarious takes on how we're thriving, or not. But they can also show how we can all use our star signs to better relate to each other. 

As these zodiac meme accounts have taken over Instagram feeds, they've been calling out everything from Scorpio moon coping mechanisms, to Libra decision-making skills, and Cancers being in their feelings. Astrology memes are here for us to take a long, hard look at our lives, but will also allow us to laugh about our idiosyncrasies at the same time. 

The personalities behind the accounts themselves also have distinct voices, and create strong bonds with the followers they so lovingly use the stars to roast. One such popular account is @notallgeminis. Courtney Perkins, who runs the account with almost 400,000 followers, frequently uses pop culture references and icons to get us in touch with our emotions.

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Perkins also frequently uses Instagram polls to ask the tough questions — such as who's "most likely to get scammed in a pyramid scheme," Pisces or Leo? Or who's "more likely to zone out for a full 7 minutes at a group hang," Aquarius or Pisces? The answer to both questions was Pisces.  

"I think people are looking for answers in any way that they can — especially in the younger age group, Perkins said in an interview with Insider. "Most of us have given up on religion, our government has failed us, and this is something that is both a distraction and a way of understanding the people around us in a really laughable way that also feels just spiritual enough."

No longer just relegated to the horoscope back page of a newspaper, these memes can take on all different kinds formats. Pie charts, bingo cards, adaptions of already popular memes, mood boards, and screenshots from popular cartoons are all fair game. But the message is still the same across accounts — we can make sense of the world, and our roles in it, by looking inside ourselves. 

Sometimes that message can get muddled if you're not an expert on Neptunes, stelliums, or anything else just beyond your main sun sign. But part of the fun is deciphering how these memes fit our own lives. 

While these celestial call-out posts might feel a little too real at times, these memes speak to our innate need to feel understood. However petty it might seem, these accounts — and to a certain extent, astrology itself — has created a community of people able to vent and go through similar emotional struggles together. 

But hey, maybe that's just the Cancer rising, Pisces moon in me talking. 

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