Zim 'voters' roll in hands of suspect Israeli company’

Sam Sole
Zim 'voters' roll in hands of suspect Israeli company'

The Israeli companyis reportedly based in Defence House and no one will say what its role in the Zimbabwe elections is.

As crucial presidential and parliamentary elections loom in Zimbabwe, a secretive Israeli-based company – accused of manipulating past elections in the region – is alleged to be involved in managing the Zimbabwean voters’ roll.

Eddie Cross, a Zimbabwean opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) MP who has proved to be well informed on security matters in the past, told the Mail & Guardian that he had been informed by security sources that the company, Nikuv International Projects, is working on the roll at Defence House, the headquarters of the Zimbabwe Defence Force. The MDC also alleged that Nikuv was a front for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, although it offered no evidence to support the claim.

It is unclear what Nikuv’s involvement in this coming election is but it specialises in population registration and election systems.