Zelenskyy slams Allies for double standards: "They forgot that Israel isn't part of NATO"

Zelenskyy during the interview with the Brazilian media. Photo: Ukrainian President's Office
Zelenskyy during the interview with the Brazilian media. Photo: Ukrainian President's Office
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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has spoken out about NATO members’ double standards in protecting Ukraine and Israel from air attacks, saying he supports the idea of the Allies’ aircraft shooting down Russian missiles targeting Ukraine.

Source: Zelenskyy in an interview with Brazilian media

Quote: "When we said, from the very first day of the war, 'Close the sky, protect Ukraine', we were told: ‘We can only do so much, otherwise we’ll be dragged into a war with Russia because you are not a NATO country, and we are NATO countries.’"

In this case, the situation involving Israel is completely pragmatic – they had to destroy everything that was heading towards the Israelis (nice job shooting it all down, and thank God that people are still alive there). But this is a double standard – at that moment, everyone forgot that Israel is not a NATO country."

Details: Zelenskyy noted that in defending Israel from the Iranian attack, the allies demonstrated "that there is sufficient technology to shoot down hundreds of Iranian missiles and Shaheds [UAVs]", and this was also "meant to be a message for Russia".

"Because both Russian aircraft and missiles have repeatedly crossed Polish and Romanian airspace, and there was no reaction. This speaks of double standards," the president stressed.

Zelenskyy said allied aircraft should shoot down missiles that are targeting Ukraine.

Quote: "What happened in Israel? [There were] planes that fired missiles. If we were offered, for example, [assistance from] aircraft from France, Germany, Poland or the UK – it doesn't matter who – which take to the skies in the territories of their own states, I’m not saying in other [countries’ air]space or ours... If these aircraft take off in territories of our neighbouring countries and shoot down missiles that are definitely heading for Ukraine but could also reach those territories, as has already happened with Poland and Romania, then let them shoot those missiles down. I’d give them a standing ovation, I would only be grateful for that. That's because these are ‘one for all’ rules for all allies, not double standards."

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