Zelenskyy promises changes regarding negligence, Sovietism and bureaucracy in Defence Forces

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has assured Ukrainians that changes will be made to tackle negligence, "Sovietism" and bureaucracy in the army.

Source: President's evening address

Quote: "When we go through weeks like this, filled with pain and difficult discussions, it is important for people to understand that what weighs on their hearts is seen, and the necessary changes will be made.

This applies to many things, ranging from negligence, which does occur, to the Soviet legacy and the terrible bureaucracy that prevents Ukraine and many in our defence forces from realising their potential properly and effectively."

Details: Zelenskyy said that it is necessary to protect Ukraine, and he has no doubt that this will be done.

"Believing in Ukraine is knowing that Ukraine and Ukrainians can preserve their independence, will preserve it and reclaim what is theirs.

But, just like after February 24th, this can be done together – and only together, in unity, caring for the state, for the people around you, for Ukrainians, no matter where they are. Preserving the unity of the people is the most important thing. And I am grateful to all those who are working for this," he added.


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