Zelenskyy was ‘brilliant’ at ‘trying to shock the conscience of the world’ at UN Security Council

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke before the United Nations Security Council regarding the need to revoke Russia’s veto power within the U.N. in response to the war in Ukraine. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Admiral James Stavridis joins Andrea Mitchell to react. “I think it was a bravura performance by Zelenskyy. Number one, he made the point this could happen to you. And he's speaking here to 180 different countries, many of whom are threatened by large outside aggressors, so he brought it home,” Stavridis says. “Number two, he evinced real gratitude for all the help that he's gotten. And number three, he kept coming back to the war crimes that we've seen committed by Russia. He's trying to shock the conscience of the world. I think he did a brilliant job.”