Zelensky holds call with Finnish president

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President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with Finland's President Sauli Niinisto via telephone on Oct. 15, the president said in a post on X (formerly Twitter.)

According to Zelensky, the leaders discussed the "Grain from Ukraine" initiative and the president's peace formula.

The formula involves 10 essential conditions for peace in Ukraine. Zelensky thanked Niinisto for supporting the plan, particularly the first item, which concerns radiation and nuclear safety.

The "Grain from Ukraine" project aims to deliver shipments of Ukrainian grain to countries in Africa facing food security challenges.

Zelensky also said the leaders discussed front-line developments in Russia's war against Ukraine.

On Oct. 11, Finland announced its 19th round of military aid to Ukraine, with a package worth $101 million. Zelensky said he thanked Niinisto for his country's support during the call.

Zelensky's announcement did not mention the apparent sabotage of the Finland-Estonia gas pipeline that Niinisto reported on Oct. 10. An investigation into the cause of the damage to the pipeline is ongoing.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin denied involvement in the incident.

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