Zack Klemme: 'Quite the Quotes' returns for eighth installment

Jul. 7—Northeastern Kentucky and Tri-State sporting figures don't need special or unusual circumstances to say profound, hilarious and interesting things. If the previous seven years of "Quite the Quotes" has taught us anything, it's that.

But perseverance through a pandemic, pioneering postseason runs and losing beloved athletes far before their time composed the backdrop for the 2020-21 school sporting season. And all are significant themes in the top 40 quotes of the year from The Daily Independent's high school sports coverage.

We didn't necessarily realize we would still be working on this project today, eight years after starting it more or less as a lark to alleviate boredom in the summer of 2014, but I suppose we should have known it would be popular.

It's another avenue to showcase the athletes and coaches that make high school sports in this area wonderful and make what we do a worthwhile endeavor.

On balance, just about every member of the sports media enjoys a sunny day at the ballpark or the tension of win-or-go-home, but our job goes well beyond simply covering local games — getting into the deeper and more meaningful work of connecting our community.

Another indicator is that at least one coach who shall remain nameless once said he was just trying to say things in an interview that would be good enough to get into "Quite the Quotes." (No word on whether or not he has succeeded.)

As always — if you think we missed on a quote you particularly dug, tell us! These are, after all, subjectively chosen — what strikes our ear and our heart one way may not resonate the same with you. That's OK.

Enjoy! And get ready for more — next year, and with it 40 more opportunities to make an impression, is right around the corner.

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