Zac Efron Talks 'New Year's Eve' Kiss With Michelle Pfeiffer; Wants To Visit 'Glee'

Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer arrive at the premiere 'New Year's Eve' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. on December 5, 2011 -- Getty Images

When Zac Efron got the call about co-starring with Michelle Pfeiffer in the upcoming ensemble movie, "New Year's Eve," he says he had a near-death experience of excitement.

"Michelle Pfeiffer left a voicemail on my phone and said, 'I want to do it, if you want to do it,'" Zac told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush at the movie's premiere on Monday night in Los Angeles. "My heart exploded, and I was like, 'I'm in! I'm doing it!' I love her. She made my year."

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(*Spoiler Alert!*)

However, when it came to the pair's kissing scene, the actor said locking lips with his big screen leading lady didn't go as a smoothly as he hoped.

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"Those things are best to do spontaneous. Have fun and be in the moment. I definitely thought about how it was going to go down. In my mind, the way I pictured it, it was going to be perfect, very romantic, very leading man," he explained. "Then of course, as we went to film it, right when I went to dip her, a huge piece of confetti went straight into my mouth. I didn't want to finish the kiss like that, so I spit and went for it. That's actually in the movie."

Michelle told Billy the confetti moment wasn't Zac's hottest big screen moment, but it ended up working.

"It wasn't very sexy, but it was cute," the actress said. "Originally, our characters did not end up together. It's sort of an unlikely pairing, really. But it was sweet. But we thought let's spice it up a little bit and let's do something unexpected."

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Zac, who walked the movie's red carpet solo, told Billy that he'd love to appear with his "New Year's Eve" co-star Lea Michelle on "Glee."

"I'm a huge fan of 'Glee' and a huge fan of her work," Zac said. "It looks so fun. I would love to [appear on the show.]"

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And what might the 24-year-old actor play on the FOX series?

"Have they had a serial killer yet?" Zac suggested. "It'd be fun to sing about."

"New Year's Eve" hits theaters on December 9.

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