Zac Efron’s biggest hair mistake involved Sisqo

Zac Efron’s biggest hair mistake involved Sisqo
Zac Efron’s biggest hair mistake involved Sisqo

Zac Efron recently revealed his biggest hair debacle, and it involves none other than R&B crooner Sisqo.

The actor was recently named the spokeshottie of the newest Hugo Boss cologne, Hugo Iced. (“Hu got Iced, bro!“) Refinery29 asked Zac about his experiences with the world of beauty, and he had some amusing anecdotes about past style foibles.

These days the Stranger Things fan is having (shirtless) adventures while riding camels and gearing up for the release of the new Baywatch movie, but back in his junior high years, he wasn’t so slick. We’ve all made questionable hair choices in the past, but his ranks pretty high on the ridiculousness scale.

Zac has since had a serious glow-up on the hair front.

Zac confessed his biggest beauty mistake to Refinery29:

“Do you remember the music video for “Thong Song” by Sisqo, where he had his hair dyed silver? Back in middle school, when bleaching your hair was cool and Sublime was all the rage, I went to my mom and I was like, ‘I want my hair to be silver, too!’ So we bleached it, cut it short, and they put silver in it, but it ended up looking gray. I looked like a little old man. Because I didn’t have glowing backlights and dancing hot chicks around, all I had was gray hair.”

Ooh, that hair sounds scandalous! Wonder if he rocked an all-white outfit like the singer’s in algebra class? We’re guessing not.

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We wish there was #tbt evidence!!! In the meantime, this video will have to suffice.

(Good luck getting this out of your head today.)