YouTube glitch asks users not to share 'confidential' search results outside Google

Jason Gilbert
Yahoo! NewsMay 9, 2013

If you're seeing a curious warning message pop up whenever you search YouTube, don't worry: you're not alone.

A glitch caused YouTube search results to be accompanied by an alarming red banner, which read "Experiment: There may be confidential content in your search results. Please do not share outside Google," on Thursday afternoon.

In response to several confused tweets and blog posts, YouTube tweeted out a message to confirm that you can indeed feel free to share YouTube videos outside Google, and that nothing harmful or confidential was contained on the site. Yahoo! News has heard that the disconcerting banner is the result of a bug, and that a fix should arrive shortly, according to someone with knowledge of the situation.

So, for those thinking they had stumbled upon some sort of strange, secret, confidential YouTube treasure: rest assured it's nothing but a glitch. Now get back to watching those cat videos!