Youth sports becoming a tourism draw for Hagerstown

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — After a Hagerstown stadium was torn down, it left a void in tourism for the city. But now, construction is beginning on a new state-of-the art recreational field house.

Hagerstown struggled after the loss of its longtime minor league baseball team, the Suns, a Washington Nationals affiliate. Hagerstown’s mayor, Tekesha Martinez, envisions it as a mecca for youth sports from across the region.

City council plans historic park of forgotten Hagerstown history

She says the impact is already being felt in town.

“Hotels do well, restaurants do well,” the mayor said. “I mean we had families checking out our downtown core and that is what I believe it should be for youth sports here in Hagerstown.”

A new stadium is under construction for the city’s minor league replacement, the Boxcars. The first pitch is set for May.

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