Young mother killed 'after drunk driver speeds down Texas interstate in wrong direction'

A man faces intoxicated manslaughter charges after he allegedly drove the wrong way on an interstate before crashing into several vehicles, leaving a young mother dead.

Dramatic cell phone footage of the moments leading up to and after the crash show a dark SUV driving the wrong way on Interstate near Duncanville, Texas, Sunday. The footage, captured by a separate driver, shows the moment of the crash, then the desperate efforts to get someone out of a mangled car.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office told local media that 31-year-old Guillermo Suarez was driving the vehicle before it sideswiped a vehicle, which caused it to spin out of control and hit another car. Mr Suarez’s vehicle then hit another car head-on, ramming it into a large truck, which then hit a wall.

The driver of the car Mr Suarez hit head-on has been identified by her family as 23-year-old Amberley McCray. She had a 9-month-old son.

While witnesses struggled to pry open the door of what appears to have been Ms McCray’s vehicle, Mr Suarez’s vehicle burst into flames nearby. A law enforcement official arrives after a short period of time, and, after assessing the scene, appears to tell people to stop trying to open the door.

An individual who appears to be Mr Suarez can be seen in the video as well, lying on the road as people attempt to help him. He is now reportedly in the Intensive Care Unit, and in the custody of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. He has not yet had a chance to enter a plea.