Young M.A's 'Tip the Surgeon' Video Has A Hidden Message

From Lil’ Kim to Biggie Smalls, Brooklyn has bred some of the fiercest MCs in hip-hop. That still rings true with Young M.A, as she continues to captivate our hearts through her incredible sound. Recently celebrating her 30th birthday, the lyricist also gave her fans something to celebrate with the release of her new song “Tip the Surgeon.” Young M.A stopped by Blavity News to discuss her new music, NFTs and more.

On new music

Young M.A may have celebrated her 30th birthday, but she gave us the ultimate gift with the release of her new song “Tip The Surgeon.” For Young M.A, the music video actually empowers women to embrace their beauty.

“It’s intentionally a fun record,” Young M.A said. “If you really pay attention to the video, the video never really shows girls getting their bodies done. They were actually getting a beauty makeover. It was like, ‘You really don’t have to get cut to be pretty.’ Your body is already beautiful. It was kind of giving women empowerment.”


Aside from being a chart-topping artist, Young M.A is expanding her reach through NFTs. The company Serenade teamed up with the rapper to unveil five NFTs inspired by her first album along with other moments of success. When approached by Serenade, Young M.A admits that she wasn’t too knowledgeable about NFTs, but once she learned how the collaboration could benefit her and her audience, she was on board.

“I didn’t really know too much about NFTs. My team actually brought it to my attention,” Young M.A told Blavity News. “They brought this to my attention, and I still didn’t understand it too much at first until they broke it down on how we can go about it and how it’ll benefit me and my audience and supporters.”

On her cognac brand

This year is shaping up to be a great one for the MC as she announced her collaboration with cognac brand NYAK Cognac to launch a limited-edition V.S.O.P.

“We’ve been trying to tap into that business for a minute now, since the beginning,” Young M.A said. “It just happened to come about. Not too far after the album came out, we got into business with them.”

On touring

Young M.A recently announced the dates for phase one of her Off The Yak tour. When asked about which songs she’ll be performing, the Brooklyn native stated that she has an abundance of options due to her extensive catalog.

“My first official tour that I was going on, stopped because of the pandemic,” Young M.A said. “We’ve been off for two years, and I have so much music that I’ve dropped during those two years.”

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