Young Kyiv resident shares chilling missile strike ordeal

Consequences of the ballistic strike on Kyiv on March 25
Consequences of the ballistic strike on Kyiv on March 25

Two ballistic missiles struck Kyiv amid air raid alarms on March 25, leaving nine injured, according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES) via Telegram.

Amid this chaos, a child from the Kryvolap family shared their immediate response to the explosion, highlighting the personal impact of the attack.

"There was an explosion,” said the kid. “Everything was covered in dust, I put on two different slippers and went outside with my grandfather."  The girl ran outside to wait for her mother, who was returning from work.

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Nine people were injured in the Pechersk district of Kyiv as a result of a Russian missile attack.

Explosions were heard in Kyiv on March 25. Air Force reported that possibly a ballistic missile was fired at the capital. Ukrainian Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk said that Ukrainian air defense destroyed two ballistic missiles over Kyiv. Their type is being identified.

Missile fragments were found in a forest belt in Holosiivskyi district. Debris was also seen falling in Solomianskyi and Dniprovskyi districts. A highrise building was damaged in Solomyansky district. A missile debris also hit a private house in the Osokorky. 

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