Young Hollywood Flocks to the "She Wants Me" Premiere

Jenny Peters
April 6, 2012
Kristen Ruhlin
FWD103 Kristen Ruhlin attends the "She Wants Me" premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 5, 2012. (Fashion Wire Daily/Maria Ramirez)

It was a night to remember for the young Hollywood set, as "She Wants Me" premiered in Beverly Hills on Thursday, April 5. Writer-director-producer Rob Margolies happily brought his romantic comedy to the big screen, with the help of his pal Charlie Sheen, who executive produced the flick and has a quick cameo, too.

Sheen didn't make the scene, but leading lady Kristen Ruhlin did, looking ready for her close-up in a golden cocktail dress. She got out of the way as another of the film's executive producers Jeremy Schott yukked it up with a faux red-carpet stranglehold on Margolies, then blew air kisses at the assembled fans.

Ruhlin's co-stars in "She Wants Me" added more youthful beauty to the night's festivities, as Louise Linton, Melonie Diaz, Brit Morgan and Tenille Houston posed prettily for the cameras. Co-star Hilary Duff stayed home with her new baby, but the guys in the comedy that's all about the dog-eat-dog world of landing a plum part in a Hollywood movie made the scene.

Those co-stars included Aaron Yoo, Johnny Messner, Joel Michaely, Alex Solowitz and Teddy Lane, Jr., who all joined in the fun, but the most excitement of the night was reserved for a guy who isn't in "She Wants Me" at all. "The Twilight Saga" star Booboo Stewart, one of young Hollywood's hottest stars and a Disney channel favorite, too, made the red-carpet scene really howl, along with his younger siblings, actress Fivel Stewart and their littlest sister Sage.