Young elk falls through ice on Colorado pond, video shows. See ‘heartwarming’ rescue

A young elk fell through ice on a pond in Colorado and had to be fished out with ropes, a “heartwarming” video of the rescue shows.

It happened Friday, March 1 and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office later posted the video to its social media accounts. Deputies worked with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Foothills Fire Protection District to save the elk.

The video shows the elk floating near the edge of the pond and struggling to keep its head high enough above the water. The video doesn’t show the rope rescue, but photos show how rescuers laid the soaking wet elk down on its side and then on its belly so it could rest on the shore.

Rescuers stayed with the exhausted elk for an hour or so while it recovered. Then it got up and left, officials said.

“It’s a great example of how caring for our wildlife and working together can lead to a happy ending,” officials said. “As Jane Goodall once said, ‘Having respect for animals makes us good humans.’”

Jefferson County is about a 25-mile drive southwest of Denver.

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