You can own Han Solo’s blaster, but it will cost you at least $200,000

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid." — Han Solo “Star Wars: A New Hope”

Especially when they’re worth more than $200,000.

Sure, Han Solo is used to having a price on his head. But now, instead of being pursued by the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunters, he’s the target of geeks hoping to get their hands on his famed blaster.

The resin-based blaster may appear crude and clumsy when compared to that more famous, elegant weapon from a more civilized age. But the prop gun used by Harrison Ford in the original “Star Wars” trilogy films “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi,” has been put up for auction — and the minimum asking price is $200,000.

The description reads as follows:

"This non-firing blaster was created for 'The Empire Strikes Back' and was also used in 'Return of the Jedi.' It would have been used in the majority of scenes that feature Han, with the heavier, live-fire weapon being used for close-up shots. Particularly noteworthy scenes requiring this lighter version are when Darth Vader uses the Force to lasso the blaster out of Han's hand in Empire, and in Jedi when Han wrestles with a Stormtrooper to regain possession of his blaster during the Rebels' encounter with Imperial forces on Endor."

The auction will take place on Dec. 21 in Calabasas Hills, Calif. And we have to wonder if the gun is being put up for sale by Ford himself. After all, the auction will also include prop items used by Ford in some of his other films, including his gun from “Blade Runner” and a rifle carried by Ford in the latest “Indiana Jones” movie.

Based on the real-life German issue Mauser C96 handgun, the modified DL-44 blaster was crafted out of resin and made to resemble the same gun used by the Solo character in the original "Star Wars" film, “A New Hope.” The original has since been lost or destroyed, making this the oldest known.

Still, are there any diehard "Star Wars" fans out there who would hand over $200,000 for a prop from a film, even one as iconic as the original trilogy? Currently, there are a few dozen people “watching” the bid, but no one has made a formal offer as of yet. We know what Solo himself would say. “Never tell me the odds.”