You Become the Art in this Selfie Museum

“Be a part of art,” says an innovative art museum. Selfie sticks, and dirty sneakers, welcome!

At a time when many museums are banning the “wand of narcissism,” the Art in Island museum is designed expressly for today’s selfie-loving museum goers. The mind-bending murals lining the walls are there for all to interact with. Shoot them, pose with them - heck, you can even walk on them!

And while maybe not high art, the 3D scenes and replicas of famous paintings are an Instagram lovers paradise. Step into — or out of — a sort-of Starry Night, plunge into an Egyptian cavern or, for disaster movie fans, see your head explode through a busy street. “Best Photo Ever!” comments are straight ahead.

The art museum is located in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.

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