New York Comic Con Cancels Physical Event Over Coronavirus

NEW YORK CITY — New York Comic Con hung up its cape — at least on a physical event this year.

Organizers for the convention announced Tuesday that the planned October pop culture bash at Javits Center is canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"While we’d much rather be giving you an update today on badges going on sale, it likely comes as no surprise that New York Comic Con 2020’s physical event at the Javits Center will not be able to run as intended," organizers posted.

But death is never permanent in the comic world.

The convention will continue this year with a new, mild-mannered alter ego. Organizers will hold the event online from Oct. 8 through 11 alongside its MCM Comic Con in London sister event, they wrote.

They will offer access through a portal — New York Comic Con's Metaverse — and a partnership with YouTube.

So, while likely will be fewer Spider-men and Imperial Stormtroopers on the subway, fans can expect another run.

This article originally appeared on the New York City Patch