YK Osiris Receives Sage Advice From Big Sean Following Alarming Suicide Video

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Following last week’s alarming post, where YK Osiris implied he had suicidal thoughts, Big Sean came through with big bro energy and offered his advice in Osiris’ comments.

The emerging R&B singer was practically in tears earlier this week as he addressed relationships with trailblazing artists he no longer has.  During a car ride, Osiris declared his sadness and shared his frustration about how that makes him feel and it left many of us concerned.

“Y’all keep using that Drake shit huh, Drake don’t fuck with me either,” Osiris frustratedly said.

“Me and Drake don’t talk. Me and Lil Baby don’t talk, nobody in the industry fucks with Osiris. Nobody, so don’t keep using that shit with me,” he continued.

You can’t keep using that like stop. We don’t talk. Lil Baby don’t fuck with me no more Drake don’t fuck with me no more fucking nobody fucks with Osiris so why the fuck do I keep living? Y’all not getting it,” he added.

It sounds like he’s truly going through it and the industry has the artist under pressure.  Osiris’s comments about taking his life were alarming, as he suggested taking his life at one point.

“I wanna die. I wanna kill myself,” he said.

“I wanna just leave this Earth,” he continued. “But something telling me I don’t know. I can’t even see my kids. People look at me as a clown. I’m a talented person. But that doesn’t matter because I don’t drop my music. I don’t do shit. I haven’t even performed in fucking two years, n-gga. I get why they don’t fuck with me. But, I don’t know.”

After the video was published on social media, the fans were worried and sent prayers, comments and supportive words for Osiris. He then followed up with another video explaining his previous remarks.  He cleared the air by saying he was just in a down, emotional and drained state of mind but was appreciative of the love and support of his fans.

“Knowing that you don’t have friends in the industry and things like that, but you do have people out there that really love you. That really wanna see you win, and I realized that yesterday and today,” he voiced.


Big Sean, who saw both videos, commented on the second with words of encouragement for the artist.

“When you your own source of happiness n love, then any love you get is just extra on top (which is beautiful) and any love you don’t get, you’re still you and un-affected, or at least not as affected by conditional circumstances or how others feel about you,” he expressed.

“Just leaving that here for others as well. Glad you feeling better, though, bro. God got you!” Sean added.

We are sending love and light to YK Osiris and praying for the healing of his mind.