Yes, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a story about Biden calling her, too

If you've been watching the Democratic National Convention this week, you've undoubtedly come away with the conclusion that Joe Biden really, really likes talking to people on the phone. In fact, it seems just about everyone has a story about getting a surprise phone call from Biden — Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus included.

Louis-Dreyfus, who was hosting the fourth and final night of the convention Thursday, explained that she "hit it off immediately" with Joe Biden over their connection to the vice presidency (she played the vice president on Veep; he was the vice president of America at the time). "Soon after, I was asked to be on the cover of a magazine," Louis-Dreyfus went on. "Remember those? And I was so excited, like 'ah, what's it going to be? People or Vogue or Rolling Stone?' Well, it turns out it was for Arrive, the official on-board magazine of Amtrak, which nobody ever reads, even though it's free."

Having completely murdered Arrive, Louis-Dreyfus went on: "And the day it came out, my phone rang. And it was the vice president, telling me he loved the cover, and the whole article, and it was one of the best issues of Arrive he had ever read."

"That is just one of the many reasons I wanted to be here tonight for Joe," Louis-Dreyfus finished enthusiastically. Watch the moment below.

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