Yes, You Can Join the Cast of the New Arrested Development

Adam Clark Estes
The Atlantic Wire

On Wednesday, the team behind the new season of Arrested Development announced an addition to their cast: You! As part of a semi-elaborate, social media-driven contest, the show's producers will award six fans with walk-on roles for the hotly anticipated Netflix series. You probably won't make it into one of those zany Bluth family portraits, but hey, you might get to share some gummy bears with Michael Cera on set. 

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The rules are pretty simple. Make a piece of Arrested Development content -- a video less than two minutes, a painting, an animated gif, a musical score, whatever -- and post it to Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram with the hashtag #BluthWalkOn by October 16. Evidently both the cast members and the producers will review the entries and pick the six winners. "The Bluths have walked on so many people we thought it was only fair to let a few fans walk on them. Come see behind-the-scenes and for God's sake, please don't touch anything!" said Arrested Development creator and executive producer Mitch Hurwitz. "Come see behind the scenes and for God's sake please don't touch anything!"

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Before you embark on your quest to streaming Internet TV stardom, we'd offer one small piece of completely unsolicited advice. Be creative. There are a lot of insane Arrested Development fans who would go to insane lengths in order to spend an afternoon on set. Thinking of painting yourself blue and saying something clever? Some cute girl already did that. How about making a YouTube music video parody with the title "Call Me, Maeby?" Low-hanging fruit. Permanent tattoo of a Bluth on a Segway? Done. Custom-made Arrestsed Development iPhone app? Now you're talking.

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