Yes, Hillary Clinton Is Running the State Department from Her Hospital Bed

Connor Simpson
The Atlantic Wire
Yes, Hillary Clinton Is Running the State Department from Her Hospital Bed

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would never let a blod clot stop her from doing her job. She's up and taking emails and phone calls and handling similar day-to-day office work that she might be responsible for if she were in a proper office, instead of a hospital bed. "She's been quite active on the phone with staff and taking paper, etc.," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters at a briefing Wednesday.

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The Secretary of State is not shying away from the more difficult parts of her job, either. She's still dealing with the stuff that might cause a little unwanted stress. She spoke with U.N. enjoy to the (increasingly grim) situation in Syria, as well as the prime minister of Qatar, from her bed at New York Presbyterian hospital on Saturday.

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One moment we thought Hillary's health woes were behind her and she was going to return to work this week. But things took a turn for the worse and Hillary was readmitted to the hospital to treat a blod clot between her brain and her ear. Thankfully, we know she is going to be okay: Doctors expect a full recovery once she responds to normal treatment. Whether anyone will stop asking her to testify on the Benghazi attacks, well, doctors couldn't tell you the answer to that one.