George Santos Videos Now Selling for $400 on Cameo

George Santos Cameo Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt
George Santos Cameo Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt
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George Santos, the gay former New York congressman embroiled in a series of controversies, has made his debut on Cameo.

This platform, renowned for connecting celebrities and public figures with the public for personalized video messages, now features Santos engaging with various individuals, including Democratic Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt.

Following his recent expulsion from the U.S. House of Representatives, Santos is charging $200 per video on the platform. His participation on the platform follows a tumultuous political career riddled with allegations and ethical concerns.

One of his Cameo messages was directed at Hunt, who posted it on X, formerly Twitter, with the caption “Gift of the year from my friend Rebecca.”

“Megan, how are you? Darling? I hear that you’re getting some tough heat in the press and that life might be a little rocky now,” he said. “Let me tell you something. If you believe in what you stand for, and if you fight for what you do, and you stand by those convictions, screw the haters. The haters are gonna hate. What, they can boot me out of Congress, but they can’t take away my good humor or my larger-than-life personality, nor my good faith and the absolute pride I have for everything I’ve done. So this is about you, Megan. Be yourself unapologetically. Just love yourself. Just make sure that you don’t buy into the hate and stand your ground and don’t let them force you out. Don’t let them bully you. You do your girl. I’m cheering for ya.”

Hunt, who is bisexual, shared her thoughts on receiving the Cameo message from Santos with The Advocate. She revealed that the video was a surprise gift from her hairdresser, a close friend. “We’re in a group chat and we just send each other tweets and stuff from George Santos and kind of laugh about him,” Hunt explained.

She expressed surprise and humor at receiving the message, indicating a casual, almost incredulous reception of Santos’ unsolicited advice and support.

Hunt further speculated on Santos’s awareness of her political identity, doubting his familiarity with her or her work. “He probably doesn’t know anything about it or me,” she said. “He probably didn’t look anything up at all.”

She added that she doesn’t begrudge the New York fabulist a way to make money, but she added that he’s “a great scammer.”

Hunt noted on X, “To be clear, George Santos is a transphobic fool who has defrauded and harmed people, who says what he has to say to get attention and probably doesn’t actually hold any personal moral convictions, and I also agree with the advice in this video.”

As Santos’ popularity on Cameo continues to surge, so does his fee, reflecting an intriguing dynamic in the intersection of notoriety and market demand. Initially charging $75 per video, Santos quickly realized the potential of his newfound platform. With each wave of requests, his price tag escalated – from $150 to $200 to $300. Now, commanding an impressive $400 for a brief video message, Santos is capitalizing on his controversial fame. This rate places him in the same pricing tier as figures like Lindsay Lohan, Bo Derek, and Ted Nugent, though the reasons for their respective public recognitions differ significantly.

As Santos continues on this new path, it remains to be seen how his Cameo venture will influence public perception and his future as he faces a 23-count federal indictment for which he will be in court next fall.

Editor’s note: This story was updated to reflect the price increase from $200 when this story first published to $400.