Yep, Mark Sanford Is Actually Making a Comeback

Connor Simpson
Yep, Mark Sanford Is Actually Making a Comeback

The rumors were true. Mark Sanford -- the former South Carolina Governor who likes hiking and adultering -- is going to make a run for the soon-to-be-vacated House seat in his former state. 

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CNN reported Thursday evening that Sanford is definitely going to make a run for the Congressional seat sometime soon. The Washington Post confirmed with a strategist that Sanford will make a formal announcement sometime soon. Word that Sanford was "looking into" potentially running for the Tim Scott's former seat came up a few days ago. It was a surprise considering how long it had been since we heard anything from Sanford. 

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So, it sure will be awkward if the rumors of his ex-wife Jenny Sanford making a run for the same seat prove to be true. Sanford was embroiled in scandal after it was revealed he was carrying on an affair while claiming to be hiking on the Appalachian trail. Sanford proposed to his mistress in August -- after waiting in the bathroom for an hour