Yemen's Houthis Release Footage of Militia Hijacking Ship in the Red Sea

Yemen’s Houthi militia released a video showing its forces hijacking the ship ‘Galaxy Leader’ in the Red Sea on Sunday, November 19.

The video, published by the militia’s spokesperson, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, on X, shows at least 10 armed men on the deck of the vessel after jumping out of a military helicopter hovering above it.

The brigadier general described the event as a “unique military operation of the naval forces, during which the Israeli ship was seized”.

Bodycam footage then shows the gunmen seizing control of the ship, aiming firearms at the crew. Another clip, seemingly taken from a drone, shows a handful of small boats sailing alongside the ship. One flies a Yemeni flag used by the Houthis as well as a Palestinian flag.

The mast of the ‘Galaxy Leader’ is also shown flying the same flags.

The location of the vessel was not yet known, however on Telegram, Houthis said it was taken to the Yemeni coast.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the hijacking, adding that the ship “which is owned by a British company and is operated by a Japanese firm, was hijacked with Iran guidance by the Yemenite Houthi militia.”

“Onboard the vessel are 25 crew members of various nationalities including Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Filipino and Mexican. No Israelis are onboard.”

Storyful has not confirmed these claims. Credit: Brigadier General Yahya Saree via Storyful