Yellowjackets star Jasmin Savoy Brown addresses Scream 7 return

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Yellowjackets star addresses Scream 7 returnKimberley French / Paramount Plus
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Yellowjackets star Jasmin Savoy Brown has addressed whether she will return for Scream 7, following a spate of cast and crew exits.

Scream 6 set a new box office record for the franchise when it was released last year, but since then some of the central cast members have exited the franchise.

Melissa Barrera was dropped from the seventh film in November, while Jenna Ortega departed the film due to scheduling conflicts with the second season of Wednesday.

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What’s more, in December the film’s director Christopher Landon announced that he had left his role some time ago, adding to the uncertainty of the next instalment.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brown, who has starred in the last two films, was asked what she wants to happen next with the slasher series amidst all the changes.

The actress said: "Well I think that everything that we did, the core four, is amazing and important and should be celebrated forever. And I’m glad that we got to capture that on screen, and I’m proud to have four people of colour in that horror film."

It is not yet known whether Brown and co-star Mason Gooding will be involved in Scream 7, following the exits of fellow actors Barrera and Ortega, but when asked, it sounds like Brown is just as unsure.

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"I haven’t gotten a call," she said. "So I think if you want to ask Spyglass [production company] what they’re doing, you can. I haven’t gotten a call."

The Scream cast, including the ‘core four’ did recently reunite at a pre-Emmy gala event, with Barrera posting photos on her Instagram to mark the occasion.

In the same interview, Brown reflected on this impromptu meet up, and said: "It was so random and fun – we did not plan that! Jenna’s my heart and soul, I’ll protect her forever. I love her, I love Melissa, I love Jack [Champion], I love Mason… it just made me happy! It was just fun to see them."

The Scream movies are streaming on Paramount+.

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