Impressive Animals: #1 Stingray photobomb

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo! News
Stingray photobomb
In September, a Reddit user posted a photo of a giant stingray photobombing three horrified women. The image, which was undated and uncredited, quickly went viral. Stingrays on backs: Funny until it happens to you. (Reddit)

The past year was full of scene-stealing animals, led by a stingray. The "stingray photobomb" depicts vacationing college students caught unawares by the sea creature (which also appears to be smiling). The photo of Kendall Harlan, Natalie Zaysoff and Sarah Bourland (and the stingray) quickly went viral after being posted on Reddit, even though the original image is 5 years old. In the months since the photo was posted, Harlan says the women have received attention from all over the world. "The oddest request came from a man asking for a high-resolution photo so he could frame it and give it to his wife as a Christmas gift," she says. "He wants to surprise her with the photo printed on a large canvas."