Yarn Bombing: The Hot Trend in DIY


The photo bomb and the glitter bomb are well known, and widely hated I might add. But have you ever heard of the yarn bomb? Before your imagination runs away with visions of pelting your nemesis with massive balls of yarn, you should know that it’s more a new form of street art that has gained steam recently. Yarn bombing goes by multiple names including guerilla knitting, urban knitting, and graffiti knitting. The practice consists of incorporating knitted or crocheted pieces in to the urban landscape. A craft collective in Los Angeles called Yarn Bombing L.A. used the medium to help support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The phenomenon has traversed the nation, reaching both coasts. Check out this video of artist London Kay yarn bombing the L Train in New York City. Quite a humorous scene to watch unfold, with Kaye nonchalantly working as other subway passengers look on, often baffled. You can read more about the artist in a profile on the publication Animal. Here are 10 yarn bombs that show how crafters are making their mark in the community.

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