A yappy Pomeranian interrupted former NBA big man Kendrick Perkins on live TV, so he had the dog join him

Kendrick Perkins dog
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  • A tiny Pomeranian interrupted Kendrick Perkins on live TV Thursday night.

  • The retired NBA big man later brought the yappy, fluffy dog to sit on his lap during the segment.

  • Perkins' fellow Celtics postgame show hosts were in hysterics, noting "that ain't no Rottweiler."

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Retired NBA big man Kendrick Perkins is known for his love of big, tough dogs like Rottweilers and Bulldogs.

But on Thursday, it was a teeny tiny Pomeranian who stole the show.

kendrick perkins.JPG
Kendrick Perkins (right) is a very large man. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

The 6-foot-10, 269-pound former Boston Celtics center was in the midst of a live interview on the team's postgame show when loud yapping noises began to permeate the broadcast. He and his NBC Sports Boston colleagues - Abby Chin and fellow former Celtic Brian Scalabrine - began smirking at the sound.

Eventually, Chin broke into a smile and asked, "Is that a dog?" and Perkins replied with a curt "yes" before attempting to continue with his analysis. Scalabrine stopped him, adding through laughter, "wait a minute, wait a minute, Perk!"

"I've only seen you with Rottweilers," Scalabrine added. "That was not a Rottweiler."

He was right. Perkins explained that the barks in question came from his wife's Pomeranian, who was in the hotel room next door.

"I'm sitting here wondering, 'When in the hell is he gonna shut up?!'" Perkins said through his colleagues' hysterics. "I mean, I'm sitting up here wondering if he's trying to get on TV."

Chin and Scalabrine then insisted that the little fur ball make a cameo, and eventually, Perkins obliged.

"This is who was makin' all the noise, alright?" he said while lifting the dog.

Check out the hilarious scene below:

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