Someone Unfurled A Huuuuge ‘Trump Won’ Banner At Yankee Stadium. It Didn’t Last Long.

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A massive banner pushing ex-President Donald Trump’s election lies was unfurled during the New York Yankees-Toronto Blue Jays game on Thursday.

But the sign — which falsely declared that “Trump Won” and urged people to “Save America” — didn’t stay in place for long. Security staff at Yankees Stadium swiftly confiscated the banner and hauled off those responsible.

The incident was caught on camera from multiple angles:

Some in the stadium, where fans were socially distanced, booed and flipped the finger at the banner:

(Photo: Sarah Stier via Getty Images)
(Photo: Sarah Stier via Getty Images)

Though Trump’s former hometown has decidedly turned against him, someone hung a “Trump 2020” banner in the stadium in 2018.

In Thursday’s doubleheader, the Blue Jays won the first game 2-0, and the Yankees took the second 5-3.


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