Yahoo Reimagined Logo Celebrating Black History Month

Yahoo Reimagined Logo Celebrating Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, Yahoo commissioned Alyah Holmes, an award-winning American and Canadian illustrator, to re-imagine the Yahoo logo.

Inspired by black culture, nostalgia, the beauty of women, and tropical scenery Holmes’ work for Black History Month elicits powerful emotions in both her and her audience.

“I love bringing concepts to life, evoking feelings and telling stories in a vibrant, playful and intriguing approach. I love opportunities such as this, to create art surrounding topics and themes that are important to me and educate, impact and entertain others.”

Growing up as a light-skinned woman, Holmes admits to hating her curly hair, straightening it daily, until she was inspired by other black women and how beautiful they looked.

“I was inspired by the beauty, vibrance, diversity, talents, joy, and pride in being black. I emphasized people: drawing from the experiences and passions of myself, the people around me and the larger community. Music, hair, style, sports and family were key inspirations as they bring us together, make us unique, and carry a lot of history and meaning.”

Hoping to use the opportunity with her art to represent the Black community for as beautiful as she sees them Holmes understands the significance of celebrating Black history not just within the month of February.

“Black History is continuous, it’s every day and all year round, but Black History Month is an important opportunity to reflect, celebrate and honor the journey, accomplishments, and beauty of Black people and our culture. There are so many incredible and inspiring men and women to thank for where we are today, and still so much work to be done and changes to be made. The discrimination and racism our community continues to face is traumatizing and heart-breaking. This month and everyday we celebrate who we are: past, present and future.”

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