Yahoo Finance Presents All Markets Summit: Crypto

Yahoo Finance presents the All Markets Summit: Crypto — the latest in our series of All Markets Summit events.

This all-day livestream takes place at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco. We’ll examine the global investment appetite for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and endeavor to answer some of the biggest questions surrounding these assets. Should individual investors have crypto in their portfolio? Is it a legitimate investment? Will regulators impose stricter federal oversight? This is Yahoo Finance’s second live cryptocurrency summit this year.

Here’s the day’s agenda:

Venture Capital Surges Into Crypto
Keith Rabois
Managing Director, Khosla Ventures
Former Chief Operating Officer, Square
Hosted by JP Mangalindan

The Decentralized Marketplace
Brian Hoffman
CEO and Co-Founder, OB1
Project Lead, OpenBazaar
Hosted by Dan Roberts

Digital Currencies: The Emerging Asset Class
Michael Sonnenshein
Managing Director, Grayscale Investments
Hosted by Andy Serwer

Fixing Cross-Border Bank Payments
Cory Johnson
Chief Market Strategist, Ripple
Hosted by Dan Roberts

Rules and Regulations in Crypto
Tonya Evans
University of New Hampshire School of Law
Grant Fondo
Digital Currency + Blockchain Technology Practice, Goodwin
Hosted by Jen Rogers

Blockchain Entrepreneurship
Preethi Kasireedy
Founder & CEO, TruStory
Hosted by Josh Constine

Cryptocurrency Goes After Wall Street
Adam Draper
Founder & Managing Director, Boost VC
Alexia Bonatsos
Founder and General Partner, Dream Machine
Hosted by Jen Rogers

Don’t Sleep on Crypto
Baiju Bhatt
Co-founder and Co-CEO, Robinhood
Hosted by JP Mangalindan

Federal Government Rules Around Crypto and ICOs
William Hinman
Director, Division of Corporate Finance, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
Hosted by Andy Serwer

Big Tech Eyes Blockchain
Mark Russinovich
Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure
Hosted by JP Mangalindan

Hedging Cryptocurrencies
Nick Tomaino
Founder, 1confirmation
Dan Held
Co-Founder, Interchange
Hosted by Dan Roberts

The Software Behind Blockchain
Joseph Lubin
Co-Founder, Ethereum
CEO, Consensys
Hosted by Josh Constine

The Biggest Crypto Company Gets Bigger
Balaji Srinivasan
CTO, Coinbase
Emilie Choi
Vice President, Business, Coinbase
Hosted by Dan Roberts