Yahoo! TV Q&A: Hayden Panettiere talks 'Nashville,' darkness, and musical mentors [Video]

Sarah D. Bunting
Yahoo! TV

In a way, Hayden Panettiere's nuanced performance as up-and-coming country singer (and shamed shoplifter) Juliette Barnes is the heart of "Nashville." Juliette can be sassy, even mean, but there's a sadness to her, too -- a lost little girl looking for her mother's love. Or anyone's, really.

Yahoo! TV spoke to Panettiere last week about her season so far: the challenges of playing a character who's so often rude, the long hours the cast puts in perfecting the music, and what we might see from Juliette down the road.

"Nashville" recently scored a full-season pick-up and Big Machine Records will put out a soundtrack album for the series in time for Christmas.

Get caught up: Watch last week's episode of "Nashville" and read our recap:

"Nashville" airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on ABC.