Xbox One's Crackdown Staying Hidden Until 2015

Eddie Makuch
Xbox One's Crackdown Staying Hidden Until 2015

The new Crackdown game for Xbox One announced during Microsoft's E3 briefing in June likely won't be seen again until 2015, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

"Probably no Crackdown news for the rest of 2014," he said on Twitter. "Team is making progress but they need time before we show anything again."

That's frustrating news for Crackdown fans, but it's not as if there aren't going to be a whole host of other games for Xbox One--and PlayStation 4 and Wii U, too--later on this year.

Details are light on the new Crackdown game for Xbox One. We do know, however, that original designer Dave Jones is working on it, and that it will offer a co-op campaign, online multiplayer, and destructible environments. Microsoft also doesn't want you to think of it as Crackdown 3, as it exists more as a sequel to Crackdown 1 than 2, and takes place in a different timeline.

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