Xbox One: The only four sentences you need to read

Chris Gayomali
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Game time.

We've already taken a look at Sony's PlayStation 4. Now it's Microsoft's turn.

Reviews for the Xbox One, Microsoft's hulking and powerful next-gen console, are flooding tech and video game publications. Like the PS4, they are all incisive and thoughtful deep-dives into the machine's many nuances and hiccups, and I encourage you to read a few yourself if you're considering purchasing one. Here, here, and here are good places to start.

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Indeed, the technological advances make the One a fine piece of machinery worthy of the Xbox name. Its controller is superb — potentially best in class. Kinect's motion- and speech-sensing capabilities are more accurate: Barking, "Xbox, on!" beats reaching for the console. Games even resume instantly from the home screen.

While the PS4 is focusing more on the hardest core of gamers, the Xbox One is keen on reaching a wider audience. Its goal is to become the all-in-one entertainment center of the future.

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The question inevitably becomes: Should I purchase one right away? Of all the reviews I read, I found this critique by Greg Kumparak at TechCrunch to be especially insightful:

If you already have a 360 and aren't absolutely dying for any of the launch titles, I would say hold off for now. Give developers a bit of time to figure out the console's inner workings. Let the must-have titles get made. If your 360 is on its last leg or you skipped the last generation, however, it's a solid buy as is. [TechCrunch]

Like the PS4, the Xbox One is a platform with huge potential. If money's tight and you can wait a few months (or, if you're like me, years), you're okay holding off for a bit.

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