Xbox One gets its first big price cut in a major market

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Xbox One Price Cut
Xbox One Price Cut

Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console is a fantastic machine, but it doesn’t seem to be selling as well as some had hoped. While Sony continues to announce huge sales milestones for the PS4 — most recently, the company announced that global PlayStation 4 sales have surpasses a staggering 5.3 million units so farMicrosoft’s new video game console hasn’t fared quite as well. We’re still in the early days of this console generation and the tide could turn at any time, but another troubling sign has emerged for the Xbox One as its price gets slashed this Friday by 7% in the UK.

As noted by Metro on Monday morning, Microsoft has announced that it will cut the price of its Xbox One console in the UK to £399.99 from the £429.99 price it launched at just a few months ago. The price drop goes into effect on Friday, and the console will ship with a free bundled copy of the hotly anticipated title Titanfall, which won’t be available for download until it is released on March 14th.

This is the first Xbox One price drop we’ve seen and it could be an indication that the Xbox One is not selling very well in the UK. There is currently no word from Microsoft regarding Xbox One price cuts in other markets.

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