Xbox One complaints start flooding in: buggy disc drives, failure to turn on

Chris Smith

On Microsoft’s Xbox One launch date, various hands-on reports from early buyers have hit the web that show that the new console may be experiencing some issues from buggy disc drives, to temporary software update issues, the failure to actually turn on and even physical damage.

One Xbox One owner was not able to turn on the console, with the power supply showing an amber light, which FuriousFanboys speculates may be related to a faulty power supply. The publication also reports that one other user was not able to go through the Day 1 firmware update for several hours, although the same person updated its YouTube video showing the problem to explain that the issue was resolved by itself 11 hours later.

The most prominent Xbox One issue seems to be related to the disc drive, with several users posting complaints and videos on forums, social networks and YouTube about it. Apparently the disc drive is unable to read game discs. Instead, the console makes a clicking on grinding noise, as CNET describes it, after the disc is inserted and stops the disc or ejects it. One Neogaf user posted links to several YouTube videos that show the buggy disc drive issue in action. One Reddit user discovered that despite the disc issues, the game eventually installs itself, and the sound disappears after 10 minutes or so.

In addition to performance problems, at least one Neowin forum poster revealed she purchased an Xbox One unit that “featured” physical damage in the form of scratches present in several places.

These appear to be isolated incidents so far, and it remains to be seen whether they’ll cast a shadow on the launch of one of the most anticipated products this winter. For what it’s worth, the PlayStation 4 launch was not hassle-free either, with some users posting complaints about malfunctioning consoles as well.

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