The X Factor, The Day After: Top 12 Double-Elimination Dish

Lyndsey Parker

Last night, two of my favorite contestants on "The X Factor" Season 2--potential hip-hop superstars Lyric 145, and rocker-girl-next-door Jennel Garcia--went home on a very controversial double-elimination episode. I was not happy. My "The Day After" co-host, Matt Whitfield, was not happy. Many "X Factor" viewers were not happy. Demi Lovato was not happy, since her attempt to save Jennel was outvoted by her fellow judges. Basically, it was a really unhappy night--and a potentially shark-jumping one for the show.

So today, I'm rocking my eyepatch one last time in honor of the wrongly dethroned Lyric Da Queen. And I'm dressed in black, not just because I'm still in mourning over these controversial eliminations, but because I'm mourning the possible death of what could have been a great "X Factor" season. With three of Season 2's most interesting and unique contestants--Jennel and Lyric 145, as well as last week's colorful castoff, Jason Brock--already out of the running, I am starting to get (to use Demi's favorite adjective) bored.

But hopefully you guys won't be bored by our latest heated "Day After" chat, in which Matt and I discuss the following: Were Jennel and Lyric robbed? Did Paige Thomas deserve to stay? How did CeCe Frey jump all the way from 12th to fifth place? Does anyone other than Tate Stevens have a chance of winning, and is that the kind of winner Simon Cowell really wants? Was Simon cruel to put Demi in the hot seat during the deliberations? How would Britney Spears have handled such a Sophie's choice situation--and will she be in that situation next week, when it's likely that her contestants Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller are in the bottom two? Am I the Typhoid Mary of "The X Factor," since it seems like any singer I root for is doomed? And why is the show airing an elimination episode on THANKSGIVING next week??? Watch us attempt to answer all these questions in the video above.

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