Wuensche: Amid the chaos, America is coming back

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Sunshine at some point follows the storm. America’s comeback began during the pandemic when parents were horrified at what their children were being taught in public schools.

It continued in Virginia when the Democratic candidate for governor, Terry McAuliffe, continued to assert that parents have no say in their children’s education. As a result, he was resoundingly defeated by Republican Glenn Youngkin in this long-held Democrat state.

The beginning there became a movement that expanded nationwide throughout America’s schools. In San Francisco where 86% of its voters are registered Democrats, three school board members were removed, 70% to 30%.

And the following June, again in San Francisco, George Soros-funded progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled with 60% of the vote. Voters were outraged by his releasing criminals immediately after their crimes.

And several weeks ago continuing this conservative progress, Myra Flores won a special election to Congress in a heavily Democrat district. Her win continued the progress that Republicans made in the last election along the porous Texas border. Hispanics are seeing the light. The well regarded Quinnipiac poll had Hispanic approval of Biden at 69% when he entered office.

Today, it's 26%--a 43% drop in 15 months.

And the Supreme Court dramatically accelerated conservative gains with its best session in our lifetimes.

  • It ruled that Maine cannot exclude religious schools from a program that offers tuition for private education in towns without public schools.

  • It ruled that the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right “to keep and bear arms” protects a broad right to carry a handgun outside the home for self-defense.

  • It overturned Roe v. Wade returning abortion decisions back to the states. In that opinion Clarence Thomas’s concurrence gave strength to his long championed originalist interpretation of our Constitution. This decision was possible because justices were not intimidated by the mobs outside their homes including the threat of murdering Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

  • It supported the First Amendment allowing the free expression of religion in the case of the coach who prayed alone on the 50 yard line after a football game. More spirituality now will be allowed in the public square.

  • It reined in the administrative state. It eliminated the ability of 450 departments to exercise dictatorial powers resulting from an unaccountable and lazy Congress passing them the buck.

The trajectory is set for Republicans to take back both houses of Congress on Nov. 8. Americans of all stripes will not soon forget Afghanistan, open borders, inflation, high crime everywhere, pronoun pushers, and being continually called racist. And they will vote accordingly.

Ye.t thankfully despite this November opportunity, Republicans are not overconfident. At the recent Texas Republican Convention, the tone was more serious and as tough as I have ever seen in the 50 years I have attended. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for the first time led the 5,000 delegates there in prayer.

The following morning, we opened with the Lord's Prayer. Debate on the platform was serious and respectful. All there knew that the future of America is at stake and are taking nothing for granted.

All countries periodically go through serious challenges that lead either to their demise or inspire people to step up to meet them. A successful constitutional republic such as ours is rare. But my belief is that if we conservatives bear down and continue our efforts, we can continue the current trend and expand the sunshine. To a great American future.

Vern Wuensche is a small-town Texas farm boy with an MBA and CPA who founded and continuously ran Houston's oldest residential construction company for 43 years. He is a lifelong Republican, a Christian, a veteran and an early marathoner who ran for president in 2008 and 2012.

This article originally appeared on Amarillo Globe-News: Vern Wuensche amid the chaos America is coming back