WTF: Woman Takes Selfie With Suicidal Man on Brooklyn Bridge in Background

Molly Mulshine
The Brooklyn Bridge in chiller times. (Photo: Getty)
The Brooklyn Bridge in chiller times. (Photo: Getty)

The Brooklyn Bridge (Photo: Getty)

Betabeat's twisted sense of humor is rivaled only by our love of selfies, and even we wouldn't do this.

Yesterday, a crowd gathered in view of the Brooklyn Bridge when an apparently suicidal man was being coaxed by police into stepping away from the edge. A New York Post photog was on the scene when he caught a woman whipping out her iPhone and getting her selfie on, with the cops and the distraught man in the background (click through for a pic of the selfie enthusiast).

The woman was ashamed enough not to give her name to the Post, but her photo will live in infamy on their website.

The cops were successful in convincing the man not to jump, and we're not sure if the woman's crass selfie ever made it to Instagram. At least she wasn't smiling or mugging for the front facing camera, though.

Remember when the most inappropriate selfie of all time featured a smiling teen and the miracle of childbirth? Those were the days.