In Case You Forgot How Amazing Fathers Are, Watch This (VIDEO)

We can’t properly celebrate Father’s Day without the ceremonial viewing of a heartrending video that reminds you of why fatherhood is a sacred duty.

This clip is from New Dads on the Block, a website that tells the story of one same-sex couple’s journey to becoming fathers as they adopt a set of twins from India.

The U.S. in general may be slow to break apart traditional ideas of who gets to be a parent, but dads like these are fighting for the opportunity to raise children—and there's no doubt they love these kids.

Whether your family is traditional or not, what’s encouraging is that dads across the country are spending more time with their children than ever before.

The Pew Research Center finds that since 1965, fathers have tripled the amount of time they spend with their kids. While that trend needs to increase, evolving gender roles mean that dads are in our lives more than ever.

If you’re helping to parent a child because you’re a father, an adopted father, a step-father, a volunteer father, a big brother, or a single mom who’s pulling double duty, we see you and we salute you. Happy Father's Day.

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