Worth the weights: Why lifting weights may be your secret weapon

The final week of theGrio Fit’s January jumpstart shares tips on the myriad benefits of lifting weights — and getting a good stretch.

January is winding down, but your fitness goals needn’t be. Even if you’re just getting started on your 2023 fitness goals, that’s just fine; there’s no wrong time to focus on your health. If fitness has been missing from your routine, theGrio Fit is here to get you going.

For the past five weeks, we’ve been sharing tips and advice on simple yet effective ways to get moving and stay motivated. But one of the most effective tools in your fitness arsenal is to get lifted — lifting weights, that is. While many of us may associate weightlifting with muscles, bulk and brawn, fitness aficionados have long touted the more subtle benefits of even the lightest of weights, including bone strength, weight loss, and better posture.

Interested in hearing more? Check out our video above for an overview of moves that can bring major results, whether you’re hoping to build muscle or simply tone the ones you have. Just remember: Before and after pumping iron, you’re going to need to stretch.

While it may seem the most natural thing in the world, stretching is consistently the most overlooked component of most daily workouts, putting even the most avid exerciser at risk for injury, if they’re not careful. So, why risk it? Stretching feels great, and helps us look great, too — lengthening muscles, supporting posture, and keeping our daily movements fluid and graceful.

If you’ve been skipping your daily stretching routine, it’s time to reframe your thinking and consider it a necessary part of your fitness routine. Your muscles will thank you. Not feeling so flexible? Below, we’ve got some moves to get you started.

Hopefully, theGrio Fit has helped get your 2023 fitness goals off to a good start, but the rest is, of course, up to you. We believe you can make this new-ish year your healthiest yet. How about you?

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